Saturday, July 12, 2014

Live From The Laboratory

All sorts of things come out of the Secret Squirrel kitchen, shop or laboratory.  Sometimes it's the smell of something burning that's not supposed to, sometimes it's a completely new Chemical Formula. (which those of you who grew up in the 60's will likely understand).  I hope there's room on the Periodic Table for this one.


  1. Funny girl, I was watching him this morning.

  2. Thanks for making me laugh this morning! I just canceled a weeklong canoe trip at the last minute due to weather and I'm looking at the computer screen through tears.

  3. Ha! :) Love it.

    Howdy from Port Canaveral where I have a civilized Internet connection for a very short time today,


  4. lol I was expecting Salty Bacon for a second then I saw the end of it :)


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