Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Ruger MKII Hunter and Gun Bloggers Rendezvous

Need a good reason to attend Gunbloggers Rendezvous?  Great shooting matches, camaraderie, food and fun are one thing.  Supporting a great cause such as Soldier's Angels is another. But how about a chance to win the beautiful firearm pictured above. Go over to Kevin Baker's blog Smallest  Minority (link is further down) to see some of the details.

One of this years items donated for the raffle is a beautiful Mark II Hunter donated by Ken Jorgensen and the wonderful folks at Ruger.  It's sitting in the Range safe right now, to be transported out to the event. There are also all sorts of other firearm accessories and items that are part of the raffle, such as this revolver holster that Partner hand hand-made and donated for the raffle last year. 
Kevin's most current post is  here.  Partner in Grime is even in there a couple or three minutes in shooting his 1911.  EVERYONE looks like they're having a ball. I've not been able to attend as all of my vacation time each year is reserved for my elderly Dad, but Partner and his Dad have attended and have had a wonderful time.  You don't have to be an expert, only a safety minded member of this responsible gun community. Go back through Kevin's archives over the last few weeks.  He has several bits of information about the event and pictures of some of the past raffle prizes. 

Go check out the posts and consider making the trip.  You will not be disappointed.


  1. I''m missing another one due to work... Can't get my work and social life (ha...) to line up... dammit!

  2. The Ruger MkIII Hunter is a VERY pretty gun. It's a SHINY in every sense of the word. I may just have to break down and buy me one sooner or later.

  3. Thanks Brigid! My copy of your book is due to arrive in mid-August.

  4. Old NFO - I've had a few weekend hunting trips but I haven't had a vacation that didn't involve cooking, cleaning or home repair at Dad's in 28 years (The Ireland trip was a professional speaking engagement). So yeah, I understand.

    Rev Paul - I'm sure everyone will. Thanks for stopping.

    Daddy Hawk - it's safely in the safe where I won't get fingerprints all over it, but it is beautiful.

    Kevin - excellent and I do hope you can do an online review at the booksellers for me if you enjoy it. The Kindle and I-pad versions are out. Nook should be a couple of days longer.


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