Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whitetails in Action - The Harem

He shows up in a wide open field, just looking for love and the whitetail equivalent of a "sandwich".
A little bit later, as the sun fades, his ladies show up.

I will not point out to my readership that the ladies are all aware of a "threat" and poised to run while Mr. Buck continues eating a little supper while humming "Get Down Tonight".
You all stay safe out there.


  1. It appears that you are enjoying that new 7D.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Aren't they lovely ? This year a few does have creating a hiding site in thick forest just next to our kennel. Rather a smart thing to do with all the coyotes around, but I am still surprised they did it. Some of my dogs are large and they aren't always IN the kennel.

  3. They seem so smart sometimes but one walked up to me while I was leading the horse. It couldn't really tell me from the horse. Hey, no comments on that! I guess that is why they started using stalking horses in ancient times.

  4. lol now that song is stuck in my head...thanks ;)

  5. Mmm,mmm! Tasty venison on the hoof!

  6. ...or maybe "Afternoon Delight".

  7. Yep, there ARE days... :-) Of course those are long in the past...

  8. Capt Schmoe - One of my dearest friends has this camera, which is why I wanted one. He has taken some awesome portrait pictures with it.

    JaneofVirginia - A lot of rural airports have an "airport dog" or an "airport cat" (though Tillamock Oregon used to have an Airport Duck that would bother you if you didn't feed it grapes". One such airport dog, which was a large one, took down a deer on the runway one day. The airport manager who owned him was a little chagrined.

    Sunnybrook - I don't think they're particularly bright thought I've stalked a couple of bucks that eluded me for 2 or 3 years before disappearing.

    immagikman - annoyin 70's disco earworm. No additional charge!

    Monkeywrangler - indeed!

    SoCalPir8 - Even better choice of song! (and oh, how did that particular song annoy the heck out of us back I the day).

    Old NFO - I should probably refrain from asking about the stories . :)

  9. Sunnybrook, deer aren't afraid of Centaurs. ;)

    I just found out that the severe winter had a big impact on our local deer population. MNR won't be issuing any extra doe tags this year, after 15 years of being able to get 1 or 2 every year. I'll have to make do with one from the bowhunt and one from the black powder hunt. :(


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