Sunday, July 13, 2014

When Whovians Hit the Kitchen

I am sure there are more than a few Dr. Who Fans that visit here. Among them, I'm probably not the only one who has wondered how the Tardis always manages to emerge from the depths of time and space to land on earth without injury to someone on the ground. So here at the Range, I made up a bumper sticker, to bring awareness to the world of the dangers. (And yes, I made extras for my Whovian friends).

Still it would be so cool to have a Tardis to visit various times or even various parts of the globe without lines or TSA (and no, shouting out you're a Time Lord to bypass security is only going to end up with you in a cell).  But think of it, the possibilities for a time traveling foodie- breakfast in Oslo, lunch in Paris and dinner in Sante Fe.
Young Amy: What is it? What's wrong with you?
 The Doctor: Wrong with me? It's not my fault, why can't you give me any decent food! 
You're Scottish, fry something!

This recipe was a little bit of several cuisines, a tasty experiment for dinner last night that involved a little time but no time travel. It was a cross between Hungarian Chicken Paprika and braised chicken with onions and peppers. I reduced the amount of Hungarian seasoning  typically used in chicken paprika and  instead of using green peppers I used diced fresh jalapeno, extra garlic and some red pepper and herbs.

The chicken is pan fried in a small bit of oil until browned, then simmered in a fragrant stock until done.  That seals in all the juices making for an incredibly moist and tender piece of meat that almost falls off the bone. The spices added a nice touch and the sour cream sauce had a nice bit of depth with the addition of the peppers, garlic and onion.
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It turned out really good.  Partner in Grime said "it's a keeper!" and offered to clean up while I wrote down what went into it. When a handsome man in a bow tie offers to wash up the dishes, don't turn him down.

  • Sour Cream Chicken with Peppers and Onion


    1. As ususal, your food looks better than my attempt at food.

      And re: TSA: Waving your hand in front of them and telling them that you are not the terrorist that they are looking for doesn't work too well either. Just so ya know. ;-)

    2. No recipe which invokes the Doctor (okay, you invoked the Doctor, but whatever) can be bad. Except maybe fish fingers and custard.

    3. My daughter and her girl friends watch Dr. Who but I know nothing about it but learned that it aggravates her when I ask about Dr. What. No daddy it is Dr. Who!, Grrrr!

    4. Any time the TARDIS dematerializes and you don't see the ground it occupied, assume that it did, in fact, land on somebody.

    5. Very nice... diet, what diet... sigh

    6. I was searching on Etsy for a fun version of the family stick figures for the car (found a great Star Wars one). I saw this and shared it with my cousin. After this I though you might like it too. One for you, partner & Abby!

    7. August 23.

      Then, on the following weekend, Mr. Staypuft returns to the big screen.

    8. How about a Tardis that can compress the time on one dish while drawing out the cook time (*cough* BBQ *cough) on another?

      Or what on earth is a Tardis good for?

    9. Looks better than fish sticks and custard.

    10. I've only watched the occasional episode of Dr. Who in its various incarnations over the years, and I've been resisting adding them to the Netflix queue knowing it'll take forever to catch up, lol...

    11. Don't know Tardis from... but the food looks yummy.

    12. When I get squared away I'm making a pie and cake box shaped and colored like the Tardis.

      MY cakes ARE bigger on the inside. Or at least they have more calories.

    13. I used to play RPG's (role playing Games, like Dungeons and Dragons). One in particular still makes me smile. I had a friend who was an extreme Whovian and we decided to play a World of Darkness game (magicians, vampires, were critters) and he created a Time Lord. Even had a magic item that was his version of a TARDIS. I was a werepanther who ended up losing the tip of her tail to the TARDIS and having it dropped on her from a height. The only reason she survived was because it dematerialized before it landed. We were a strange and geeky lot.


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