Friday, August 8, 2014

A Note to my Friends

Thank you for those of you who have bought The Book of Barkley!

Sherry, Zercool and Eric, who have my home info, your books went out today.  Thanks for sending the checks for the book and shipping.  Erin, Lois, Tango Juliet also had your books mailed a day or so ago..

I really do appreciate the reviews. Just a note for friends though:  I wrote  the book as LB and not as Brigid so I could keep work and my blog separate. I do not care to have colleagues that might see the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble see the blog  and Johnson is a common enough name so I appreciate you not mention me as "Brigid" in retail reviews. I'm careful not to write anything here that would get me fired, but I'd rather not have colleagues that might see the book online come straight here to read about my day and discuss it (I'd never live down the "bend me like Gumby" line).  I'm sort of "Gibbs" in the work environment.  I'd hate to lose that respect or the blog.

Thank you all for understanding.  I appreciate the reviews and all of your support, especially those of you who are authors with books that sit on my own shelves.  I am so happy for your acknowledgements  and continued friendship and Barkley would be very happy to know how many people love him, even after he was gone.

I'll be headed to the Range in the morning, it was a stressful and long day, and I'm going to get some sleep before launching onto I-65 and all the semis. My neighbor the policeman will be watching my crash pad as will his colleagues as they drive through the neighborhood, which is greatly appreciated.

Brigid Jr, made it safely to Oahu to be North of the worst of it early last night, and the grandbabies are safely back stateside with their Dad, shooty son in law, while she stays with her family there to make sure all is well. (there weren't enough seats available out for everyone to go

Love  - Brigid


  1. I hope mine was appropriate.
    Comment if not.

  2. YeeHaw... My copy is inbound.
    Understand about the reviews, so will be careful.
    Glad to hear B Jr is safe, and those gran babies as well.
    Have a restful peaceful weekend.

  3. Thank you for the updates.

    With best wishes,

  4. Ed - it was, and thank you so much for taking the time to review it. The more that's up there, the more attention it will get on Amazon and B and N.

    Brighid - excellent! I hope to be home in the morning and will work from our location up there next week on a project so 8 nights in a row in my own bed.

    Jane - thank you for the notes today. My best to you and your son.

    Uncle Al - thanks and I dropped you a note via email.

  5. Budget allowed for my order of two Book of Barkley copies this evening! I will be sending both to you for signing and will include a check to cover your return costs. One is for my friends at TIRR Rescue, and I am keeping the other. More orders come later for Christmas I think.

    Glad to know the HI family is all safe on the island or on the mainland.

  6. I got my book! I got my book! Yippee! :-). I'm thinking I'll read it first then send it on for signature....
    I'm glad Brigid Jr is safe. We have friends in Kauai and I'm hoping all turns out ok. Damn hurricanes really mess things up, say hi to Abby for me.

  7. What have we come to as a nation when being limber is a punishable offense?

  8. So glad that Brigid Jr is on safer ground! I miss NC like nobody's business but you couldn't pay me a kings ransom to live through another hurricane!

  9. Heard from friends in Kona-Kailua last night. All is good there. Iselle hit Moana Loa and veered waaay south. Southern tip of Big Island, Ocean View & Naalehu, had 12-18 inches of rain in 4-5 hours with some flooding and power shortages. Kone had little rain and the winds were tolerable. They did get some back band winds of 45 mph after the system passed.

    Julio is still tracking North. I hope your friends and family are safe & sound!

  10. You say you are a 'Gibbs' at work.
    That makes you a 'functional mute'... that answers the much asked question "Why/How does she write SO well?"

    Congratulations on the success of "The Book of Barkley"

    It's tough being a clebratree (sic) ain't it?

    Rich in NC

  11. Mine arrived today, 2 days before Amazon said it would. I think I will spend tomorrow in the hammock reading.

  12. I just ordered it from Amazon - eagerly awaiting delivery (Prime FTW) - they offered me free Kindle preview. Dammit, Ninja Onions™ attacked already. You done good, Brigid. Thank you.

  13. Scott McCray - your comment made my whole day and Partner and I laughed so hard at the Ninja Onions (Trademark) comment (brilliant).

    I so hope you continue to enjoy it and only ask that if you do, you leave a review at Amazon or Barnes and Noble as that's the only marketing I have (as well as facebook and blogger reviews)

    Again, it was a tough birthday with Big Bro gone and Dad not remembering at age 94. Your comment really did, "make my day".

    Happy Tails! - Barkley


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