Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Barkley Memories - Lessons in Mythology

In classical mythology, Cerberus was the hellhound who guarded the entrance to the underworld, and greeted people at home that wanted to date my teenage daughter.

--Brigid Jr, and Barkley, on one of her many  trips to visit while she was at Boston University and I was living back East.  I met her at age 18, after giving her up for adoption.  She and Barkley became fast friends and she misses him as I do, even as we laugh at some of the photos of him.


  1. I see she has her Mom's hair :) I really need to send you my copy of the book for signing....been too lazy.

  2. Love this picture. She definitely got the hair.

  3. And those photos are even more special now... Remember the good times!

  4. What a special guy. And, a special lady holding him.

  5. what wonderful memories and pictures you have, thank s to you for sharing them with us.

  6. imagikman - Mom's hair, and other than she is 4 inches taller, at six foot, we could be sisters.

    Jennifer - I just smile when I look at this I needed a smile today.

    Old NFO - I'm finding more and more of him, even a short video I didn't know I had I won't show it as it has family in it, but I just grin when I see it.

    Lois -she is special. She is a CPA, a very smart young lady.

    old oakie - I'm glad to share, you have all shared so much with me, good and bad.

    lotta joy - So true. St. Barkley, Patron Saint of Squeeky Toys. I hope he is making God smile now.


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