Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Meet!

It was Indianapolis Blog Meet weekend.  Being the holiday weekend, quite a few folks were out of town, but we still had a pretty good group today after the Indy 1500 Gun Show.

Tam, Old Grouch, Roberta, Kerry (our long-standing official lurker), anonymous analytical chemist "I get paid to clean out the inside of capsules"--which had us all cracking up at his descriptions of working for a pharmaceutical company (we do hope you'll come to the next one), Partner in Grime and Nathan (otherwise known as Fuzzy Curmudgeon), as well as Og and Mad Saint Jack.

And Clifford, the Big Red Watch.
Of course, you tend to get the looks with one member in the group when you're around in public around a lot of geeks. . .with the "Is he or isn't he?"
Don't ask him when the next book is coming out.  He won't kill you, unless you ask him when the next book is coming out.

I handed out some bumper stickers I made to the Dr. Who fans in the crowd -
Seriously, it never lands on anyone, always on an empty street, with a flat surface.

Then it was time for the important item on the agenda - ordering beer!
Broad Ripple Brew Pub has some great handcrafted beers.  Partner offered to be designated driver, so I went for the Lawn Mower Pale Ale, which is a refreshing, low alcohol brew, perfect for a hot day (we won't mention the time I had two pints of that, only to find out I'd been served high alcohol IPA and the next thing you know I'm River Dancing at Roseholme Cottage!)

Then the food arrived, including their famed fish and chips and assorted appetizers (the giant pretzel with sharp cheese sauce and Indiana stone ground mustard pictured below.)
For some of us, this was going to be an early dinner.

The Brisket Sandwich with Bacon.  That's in-house smoked beef brisket piled on a bun smeared with pimento cheese and topped with applewood smoked bacon, sautéed red onions and their very own southern style beer BBQ sauce.
MMMM  Bacon.
The Brew Pub Build your Own Pizza.  I had chopped garlic, olive and pineapple.  Yes, that's an individual pizza.  I'd intended to take half of it home.  Somewhere that plan went awry.
Tam replaced the pineapple with jalapenos on  hers.
Taking up much of one wall of the pub, the conversations were flying in every direction possible.  Down on our end, Roberta and I were having a rousing discussion on Banana Slugs (Ariolinuzx columbianu G) and how you can mark them for research by branding them with little branding irons made out of 1 mm diameter copper wire fastened to plastic shafts and then freeze branding the slugs, like little slimy cattle, by immersing the branding head into liquid nitrogen for a few minutes.  Much giggling started over slug branding, the dangers then of slug rustling, but no one actually broke out singing "Happy Trails", at least until that second beer.

Down on the other end of the table I'm not sure what was going on but I heard, as Tam said, the most statistically improbable statement of all time with "I know the man who invented the licking robot!" and in the middle of the table,  "there was some guy  at the gun show selling powdered magnesium (mumble mumble) well. . it's Indiana. . . (mumble mumble). . and he can!" and then the conversations skewed and shot back out into the stratosphere again.
Not everyone was in the photo, but here's most of the usual suspects.

We also talked about some of the cool firearms that are going to be donated to a raffle for the Honoring Veterans Afield organization at Gun Blogger Rendezvous, including a little Winchester 74, fully restored by Partner in Grime, and a beautiful Mark III Hunter from Ken Jorgensen of Ruger that's in the Range safe for now, as well as others (click on the link for more information.)

Tam brought us all issues of Concealed Carry Magazine, her articles and the rest of the contents always a learning experience and a pleasure to read. Everyone commented on how polished and professional the publication looks as it has evolved over time, editor Kathy Jackson doing an outstanding job there, as is Tam, as a regular writer.  I had a couple of The Book of Barkley for some folks that might want an author autographed copy, and Kerry brought some fresh eggs from their homestead to share with our hostess.

Sorry, not Scotch Eggs, regular eggs.  Boy, those look good!
These are Scotch Eggs.  A hard boiled egg encased in sausage, breaded and deep fried with a creamy garlic ranch sauce to dip them in.

Then, as iced tea and waters were refilled and Roberta had this amazing gingerbread looking dessert with ice cream, the conversation went to engineering, several in the group being the sort that understand such things (and that pre-1920 electric motors can blow up transformers if started improperly, don't ask us how we know.) It was not a surprise that many of us were nodding our heads to someone saying  "It's all fun and games until the arcing starts."
Too soon, the food was done the games all over. It was time to head home, to a black lab that would be wanting to be fed, preferably one of those Brisket Sandwiches.

Thanks everyone, for the fun afternoon!
My people are home - and no, I wasn't in the kitchen snooting for crumbs.


  1. thanks for sharing your weekend, enjoy the fall colors coming to a tree near you...LOL

  2. Sorry I missed yet another one... sigh... And arcing is REALLY fun when it's megajoules of power... I didn't know you could see GREEN, and have every hair on your body stand straight out!!! :-)

  3. 'T'was fun. Wish we could do it more often. Thanks for the book -- I'm looking forward to reading it.

  4. Sounds like fun was had by all. I wish something like that could take place closer to my part of the world.

  5. What an awesome weekend! I feel like a dingy though I never realized for some reason that you had a blog. Oh well I am here now! And it looks like I have tons to catch up on.. Hugs for you Brigid

  6. MMMM! Bacon, pizza, giant pretzel!
    (You did it, again!)


    PS - I really need to stop reading you on an empty stomach!


  7. Always a great pleasure to meet with the group in meatspace

  8. I love everything you write, and I love your photos. But when I see a picture of pizza accompanied by knife and fork, everything in my Universe begins to spin out of control!

    Pizza, even deep dish, thick crust pizza is intended to be finger food! Contact with anything metal (other than a pizza cutter,) ruins the subtlety and nuances of the flavor combinations. Licking the juices off your fingers is the punctuation to the great food paragraph!

    But it DID look GOOD, didn't it?

  9. Rob - I'm looking forward to it.

    Ed Bonderenka - it was. It was nice having a 3 day weekend with friends.

    Old NFO - We're sorry as well you couldn't make it.

    Fuzzy Curmudgeon - I hope you like it!

    John - Thanks for stopping, we can't do this as often as we used to, and I don't live in the area full time so that's another factor. Still, it's always a great time

    Jacked Up Glock Mom - so all this time you just thought I was one of your weirder friends :-) Thanks for stopping and we'll chat sometime soon.

    Guffaw - Sorry, forgot to warn you :-)

    og - indeed. Love - TDS :-)

    Murphy - Unlike "Outer Limits" where "we control the vertical. . etc". I don't have any control over how the wait staff brings it out. Mine was eaten fork free.

  10. One of these days, we're going to have to make it up there for one these gatherings. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all.

  11. "It's all fun and games until the arcing starts."

    Then it's a party!

  12. A Winchester Model 74... that's the first firearm I ever shot, with my dad and older brother guiding me. Chambered in .22 short, I knew no difference between that and the other types, as I was only 8-9 years old. sadly, after the Kennedys were shot, Illinois proclaimed that everyone needed to prove themselves a worthy citizen in order to possess a gun; dad would have no part of that. Thus the rifle "disappeared" from public view. Dad gifted it to me a couple of years ago, with the patina of what happens when one chooses 3-in-1 oil for long-term storage, but it runs like a champ. thanks for bringing that up, Brigid, and for once again sharing your life with your "guests".

  13. I really need to make it up to Indy one of these weekends. I haven't been to a good gun show in years, and that food looks delicious. Good company doesn't hurt either.


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