Monday, August 18, 2014

Invader Zim, Pancake Holsters and Pancakes - Just a Typical Morning at the Range

After staying up late watching cartoons with a bowl of popcorn, like a little kid, while Partner was on the road until late in the evening, I was still a bit sleepy as I read an article on holsters over coffee the other morning.   I read something about "pancake holster" and this vision came into my head.  Oh wait. . . . that's pancake style.

I'd been thinking of making waffles after watching an episode of Invader Zim  last night (do u like waffles?) I.Z. is a cartoon revolving around an extraterrestrial named Zim from the planet Irk, and his ongoing mission to conquer and destroy a dark and satirical version of earth (after his brief banishment to the planet Foodcourtia).
His various attempts to enslave or destroy the human race are invariably undermined by a combination of his own ineptitude, his malfunctioning carbohydrate loving robot servant GIR (who disguises himself as a dog) and his arch-nemesis Dib, one of very few humans attentive enough to be cognizant of Zim's identity. It had a brilliant first season and then was  shortly thereafter canceled, and like Firefly, has a cult following, one that probably includes more adults than the pre-teens it was aimed at.

The Letter M: What's wrong with you? All you talk about is aliens and ghosts and seeing Bigfoot in your garage!

Dib: He was using the belt sander..

Gir:  Let's make biscuits?  LETS MAKE BISCUITS!

Zim: [over video link] Soon, I'll bring the Tallest here to witness my ingenious evil! AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! HAAH! I said evil! AHAHAHAA!


Professor Membrane: [from basement] Son, there'd better not be any walking dead up there!

Dib: It's nothing to worry about, Dad! And I said I was sorry about that!
Zim: Computer, give me all the information you have on the FBI.

Computer: The FBI is a government law enforcement agency.

 Zim: Continue.

Computer: Insufficient data. Zim: "Insufficient data"? Can't you just make an educated guess? Computer: O... kay... Um, founded in 1492 by, uh... demons, the FBI is a crack law enforcement agency designed to... uh, I dunno, fight... aliens?


 Zim: GIR! What are you doing?
Gir: I made mashed po-ta-toes!
Zim: Yes... and muffins...

I'm getting hungry now but it's going to be pancakes.  I had made pancakes using Kefir once. and they turned out pretty good but I tweaked the recipe this time and it was even better

 I cut back on the liquid just a bit, and added an extra step to let the batter rise a bit. I also made them a little bit smaller so they were easy to flip. Success!

These tasted as good as they looked.
These were as good as the banana bread pancake experiment.
 The way they fluff up, it's hard to tell, but this stack is just five small pancakes.
Yes, you can have seconds but we're out of bacon.
Full of pancakes and Amish bacon, it's time to go out and save the planet.

I can't find my holster. I think someone ate it.


  1. I really love that quirky streak about you :) Ill have to check that series out :)

  2. Good God, Brigid!

    Not one picture of the forbidden food, but FIVE. Food porn for the elderly?

    I'm going now to hug one of my beautiful Bianchi or Safariland Pancake holsters. Thank you for reminding me how much I really love them.

  3. Great!
    Now both aliens AND Brigid are making me hungry!!



  4. Looks awesome & like Abby thoroughly enjoyed! I think Kier & I might have pancakes for dinner!

  5. ROTF, pancake holster... sigh... :-)

  6. immagikman - I like that you use "quirky" as opposed to "weird" like the rest of my friends :-)

    garlicguy - They were all so tasty. So far, these are my favorites of the recipes I've tweaked. And if it makes you feel any better, I occasionally send close ups of bacon and pancakes to my colleagues when they're eating hotel breakfast buffets.

    armedlaughing - I've done my duty then.

    Sarah - Sigh I had a Quest protein bar for dinner, as I did the half sandwich and soup lunch and did NOT order the low fat kind of either. Pancakes will be on the table again, soon.

    Old NFO - I'm going to have Evyl Robot make me a holster for the new 1911. I absolutely LOVE my dragonleatherworks holster and would buy another one someday but I want to see what my friend can do with the 1911.

    All - Abby is getting to love her people food, we have to keep her away from it or she will grab it. She went to the vet this morning for a follow up check. Her secondary heartworm test (the rescue folks treated her but did just one round which has a 97% cure rate) and she was negative. Yay! She's also put on 10 pounds (she was in a shelter 5 months, only in foster a few days so she wasn't skinny but she was thin).

    She got to meet a local bomb dog in training, I recognized his handler and we chic chatted. She was half lab and half Vizsla, great little dog and Abby was SO wanting to play.

    I taught her how to catch treats in her mouth (after 3 months of milk bones bouncing off her head) and she LOVES that.

  7. New cooking store in town, tried the kefir of the day. Gosh that was nasty stuff!

  8. Gee, and I thought I was the only person wandering around Foodcourtia with my Game Slave looking for batteries.....

  9. Tallest: Weren't you banished to Foodcourtia? Shouldn't you be...frying something?

    Zim: Oh, I quit when I found out about this.

    Tallest: You quit being banished?


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