Friday, August 15, 2014

Old Houses - Bad Poetry Friday :-)

Old houses have a story to tell,
in the quiet it tolls as clear as a bell.
It wears the lives it held in each scratch and mark,
as silent witness in light and dark.
Old houses bear scars with nothing to hide,
showing you what's important, in what to take pride
Old houses have secrets, in their light you will see,

of loss and of pride and what it means to be free.

So get out your tools, lay past hurts away,
with that cookie cutter house of yesterday.
For your home's now an old one, where treasures abound,
to be unearthed as from Heaven, its angels watch down.
You'll hear the music of the lives that lived here,

and dance to it as the days becomes years.
it is not practical, easy or cheap,
but old houses, unclaimed, never fail to weep.


  1. Beautifully said, and beautifully photographed... Thank you!

  2. That's well done & well said, my friend.

  3. Indeed! The pictures are stunning!

  4. What an evocative post.

    I love your photos, and this sure was a good way to put them on display.

  5. Cool

    I convert lots of my pics of old buildings to B&W. I like the feel and texture. My books on ghost towns were all black and white....

    Nicely done.

  6. Nice.....very, very, nice! :-)


  7. holds true for old grannies, too...

  8. Terrific, and thanks for those wonderful, evocative pictures too.

    Now one for you. I'd love to link you to the Rice Brothers version, but the only one on YouTube is lousy. So here's one by another guy - great guitar work and a nice voice:

    Here's the "This old House"

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan
    Land bound for now

    P.S. Loving that Barkley Book! I need a blog so I can help spread the Barkley Tails!

  9. Old NFO - I had some fun with the black and whites, took several of firearms (the built in safe has a fine assortment) which will be used later.

    Rev Paul - thanks! I used to have this Troll from Japan (I didn't have so much traffic then that I couldn't see where he came from) that would leave the most awful comments criticizing my writing and especially my poetry. He quit commenting after the tsunami. He wasn't missed, but I didn't write any poems for a long while.

    Borepatch - thanks!

    john board - your ghost town work is remarkable.

    idahobob - it's a neat little house, easy to find the photos and the words

    Brighid - yes, and be warned, my Dad likes to stare at your "foundation" when you're not looking :-)

    Cap'n Jan - glad you are enjoying it. I tried to create a facebook page for it, and Matt and Jim and some others were commenting, but it was started with a email address that was a slight variance of another address I at one time long ago had to use facebook and it kept changing my log in back to the old one saying "you have a typo we fixed it for you", making me unable to log in unless I changed my password. It did to me more than once. I give up and deleted the account. I remember why I quit using facebook. But those of you who AREN'T idiots at it, like me, or have more patience for it, please share the word!

  10. And old houses, claimed, will have plumbing that makes the owner weep instead. And wiring. And HVAC duct vs. plaster and lath battles.

    No, sorry, let me say, good poetry, beautiful photographs, true sentiment.

    But the plumbing, oh the plumbing. And what do you mean that wire is still the original varnished-silk-wrapped copper standing off the wall with ceramic knob insulators? Yargh!

  11. Your troll was stupid and has no clue what great writing is - which is why he was a troll.

    Old houses have their very own souls. Nice to see one of them appreciated and immortalized.

    I've spammed The Book Of Barkley a bit on Twitter and Pinterest and mentioned it on others' blog. Cuz I know you don't go there...I tend to brag about this blog quite often too LOL. I did go back and separate it from TBOB. A couple of people have told me they like the Barkley blog and that helps them be more interested in the book. I know 2 blogs are the last thing you need, LOL, but having a Barkley specific blog is helping.

  12. Hi Brigid, All the door knobs and plates in my house look exactly like the one in the picture. Some of them are glass. I sometimes sit there on my "throne" and wonder at the sights they may have seen over the last 100+ years, although not only the ones from that particular room! 'Twas a beautiful post and th poetry was fine!


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