Saturday, August 2, 2014


Abby  looking particularly content, and having absolutely no shame.

They say that selling a book is 5% the book and 95% marketing.  Seeing as how the marketing for The Book of Barkley is pretty much the internet (and thank you for the two friends and three anonymous folks that reviewed it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!), I know I need to do more. Now I'm not so shameless, I'm going to dress up in a dog suit and hand out books at PetsMart but I'm willing to take a little time to make his story known to more than just my faithful readers.

But in talking to people about how best to keep Barkley alive in minds and hearts,some of whom have never met him, outside of the book, it was suggested by my friend Vic that I do another blog with photos of him,, some seen, some never seen, plus the occasional remembrance that never made it to print.  I am also going to highlight some of the Lab Rescue Organizations so if you know of one that should be highlighted please let me know.

With that I present The Book of Barkley - The Blog

I will try and put something new each week as well as let others share their own stories of their pets in the comments.  If you have a "Safe for Work" website that you'd like featured in  Barkley's "Pack" on the sidebar all I ask is you read the book and review it on line.  Links on blogs are also welcome.

There are a few of you, where I know money is really tight but you said you wanted to read.  Those books are going out as a thanks to you for your friendship, a few shipping today, a few more shipping Monday when I get a couple addresses from mutual friends.

Thank you all for your patience, support and kindness these last few months during the loss of both Barkley and my Big Brother (who is as much a part of the book as Barkley is).


  1. I would buy another copy if I could get an autographed pic of the author in a dogsuit outside of Petsmart...just a thought.

  2. Murphy's Law - How about I just send a picture of me in a Lab Coat?

  3. I ordered two hard copies on Amazon, I have a ship date there. You in a Lab coat? Sure =) Sorry I'm late to the party. Old NFO and I have been, well, looking at a Colt Python on gun broker.

  4. I can't wait to get my copy! I will review it on my blog when I read it and talk it up among my fellow Lab Lovers! And I'm going to Barkley's blog right now!

  5. A great pair of posts on the Barkley Blog! I am curious too, as to how Barkley reacted to Partner, when HIS spot on the couch got usurped!

    Your book is going to make some great Christmas gifts.

  6. We get dog and cat pr0n here, too!
    Sometimes, it's like 'Letters to Pethouse', with all the 'activity' that occurs!
    (Dogs and cats, living together!)


  7. I finished chapter 15 last nite, and can't wait to get back to it this evening. I'm enraptured. Your writing, as we all know, is exquisite.

  8. Attractive blog--your photos are endearing. I subscribe to a few book-marketing blogs and list links on my blog. You might consider contacting Jane Friedman. A friend has hired her to help him market his book. I don't know her fee schedule, but she sounds pretty savvy. Her blog is one of those on my side rail:

  9. Keads - a gal friend who ordered hers from Amazon the first day they were taking orders got it yesterday. I hope it arrives and I look forward to autographing it for you.

    Sherry - thank you! The more reviews the more likely it will get wider attention.

    Monkeywrangler - Barkley did pretty well with Partner though he would sometimes make a point to sit BETWEEN us on the couch when we'd watch Dr Who with our nightcap before bed on the weekends.

    Old NFO - thanks!

    armlaughed - Pethouse. HA!

    Mathew - I've told you before, but with your journalism background and being a published author, praise from you means so much to me and your support make it possible. I still hold it in my hand and can't quite believe I wrote it.

    I will check out Jane's site Thanks for the tip


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