Sunday, August 24, 2014

Steam-Punked Sunday

I hit paydirt on fun this weekend.  After Saturdays activities with Partner in Grime, today I got to hang out with someone who was not only partnered up with me at work for five years, back in the day, but was, and is, still like family. Like most folks who work as a team, we have few secrets, which can be good or bad, depending on who is listening :-) and his two sons inherited the collection of Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels that were Big Bro's and mine, as I wanted his youngsters to have them. They're a little young for them yet, but I can't wait until they are old enough to appreciate them.

But other than a few quick coffee meet and greets, when he was visiting the area, we hadn't seen each other like this for a while, his having moved  to take a great opportunity for a different and challenging job far away.  It had been almost 3 years since we just hung around one of our houses, like the old days.  But he moved back at the start of the summer, and life resumed as it had been, just with  an increase in the number of spouses, kids and/or pets.
It was great to have him back full time, with lazy weekend days, like today, to just hang out, the former Marine who could take names and take out a gnat at probably 1000 feet, now married to a beautiful and brilliant woman, with two little ones, a house. . . and a cat?   How times bring change to all of us, I thought,  happy to see him so content, now back home, with his family, just as he was so glad to see me settle down with Partner in Grime.  Catching up, is always good, the conversations today covering sniper gear and in invasion of wild raccoons (a story only for the cone of silence), silencers, bad home repairs, and beer, while the boys played with their boys in the next room.

Today, was just like old times, sharing laughs, sharing some hobbies.
 Lately, it's steam - and not in farm equipment, but as in punk.
I can't quite rock a corset the way his wife can, but we all have some serious fun putting together gear to wear.

Leathers fun to work with as I have learned from my friends. You can make coasters.  You can make holsters.

You can make Steampunk Goggles.


  1. Why, you're a regular Girl Genius!

  2. Ed - I just have friends smarter than I, and sometimes it rubs off :-)

  3. I think I'll vote for your being a girl genius, who is just modest !

  4. LOL, that would solve some eye dominance issues... :-)

  5. Does the clock actually keep time?

  6. The next time you visit my blog, go down a few and see the steampunk necklace a friend made me. She is really into steampunk and now I've caught it.

    Unlike you, *sniff* my beloved sister and I will remain 800 miles apart. It was only after I moved from Indiana to Florida, that she found out she has scleroderma. Fatal disease in her situation.

    To keep ME from driving 800 miles in a car prone to falling apart, she came down to Panama City from Indiana and I drove UP to see her. Of course, my car broke down on the highway, but I lost 7 pounds through dehydration!

    HOW I wish we could be together like you and your beloved brother. Time gets short.

  7. Sharing laughs with good friends is the BEST!
    "I can't quite rock a corset the way his wife can..."

    Doubtful. :-)



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