Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stripper Clips - Memories of Barkley

When you have a Labrador retriever, you never know WHAT kind of trouble he can get  into.

I've never been in a strip club.  Just saying.  Many moons ago and before political correctness took over most workplaces,  I worked at a place where there was one close by the facility.  We were kind of out in the middle of no where and there wasn't much around in the way of decent dining establishments. The club was actually a high rent one, from the looks of the outside of the building and they had a full service restaurant inside.  For the sake of discretion, I will call the place "Bouncing Betty's". Several of my colleagues would go there for lunch when they tired of eating microwaved leftovers from home in their "business casual" or at the greasy burger place. Never after work though, all them trotting off happily home.  But they'd do lunch there. They were always back within the required lunch period, soda pop on their breath and smiling.  I said "you go to a strip joint for lunch?"  They said "the sandwiches are REALLY good!  Uh, yeah.

You could always tell when someone went. You'd ask where they went to eat and they'd  avert their eyes and say "uh. .mumble mumble diner". . but there would be glitter in their hair.
One day, a group was headed there for lunch, and one of the young fellows was unable to go due to a meeting he had to attend.  He was pretty disappointed.  I said "you could have them bring you back one of those GREAT sandwiches."  He just sulked a little.

When he came in the next day, on his desk was a brown paper lunch bag on which was printed with a pen, the words "Bouncing Betty's To Go Lunch".  Inside was a peanut butter sandwich, some glitter and, a G- string"

I have NO idea who put that there  :-)

So, although I have no personal knowledge of what goes on in such places, there's not much my delicate (ahem) little ears haven't heard.

Which leads to my story, or rather, Barkley's story. 
I carry a purse that has some compartments inside where I can zip important things, but the main part of the purse is just a collection area for keys and essentials, which includes the occasional grocery receipt/coupon and a couple dollars in change (and the occasional flung brass which is why this is not my travel purse).

Barkley and I  were hanging out with Midwest Chick when I set the purse down as I came into the house, a couple single dollar bills just slightly sticking out of the top, which I'd failed to close.


Midwest Chick (excitedly) "He's got your DOLLAR!  Where's he going ?"

Me (heavy sigh):  "Oh Great - probably off to the strip club . . ."

When Midwest Chick and I quit laughing, the dollar and dog were rounded up, not too much the worse for wear, but then I had a sulking black lab..

But they told me I could get a private lab dance there!


  1. "But they told me I could get a private lab dance there!"


  2. Ah, but it is the perfect underground economy. NO ONE will come out of there with currency lubed up and with glitter on it to use elsewhere (so I am told.)

  3. Barkley - he liked the bitches. Dey fine ...

  4. Oh, that's a good one!

    Say, did Abby get a new stuffed squeeky toy to replace the nose-less Pooh?

  5. Watch where you step in Bouncing Betty's.

  6. Go Barkley Go! Get there before 4 for the early bird specials! Great story! Thanks for sharing. I needed a chuckle tonight!

  7. Laughter is medicine. And tonight, Brigid, your words are salve on my wounds. :-)

  8. Ahh that wiley Barkley :)

    When I was working in Point Loma above the SUB base on the Hill we used to do lunch at a strip club close by. They really did have good sandwiches and the floor show was fun :)

  9. I once found one of my chihuahuas on my bed, where I had tossed my wallet, delicately removing the dollar bills one by one. I thought, "What are you doing to do? Go to the store and buy Milk Bones?"

  10. I read this (and the comments) at work and hope no one heard me laughing. . . I would not want to explain.

  11. Thank you for sharing one of those many memories of Mr. Barkley. He left such a legacy of love and laughter.

  12. So where did Mr. Brigid go for his bachelor party?

    I went to a strip club once for mine. Borrring. Plus I learned about aspects of male friends and family members' personalities that I was better off not knowing.

    Mrs. Roscoe granted a permanent permission slip to see Bunnies in Las Vegas, but, sadly, the club closed before I got out that way.

  13. I said "you go to a strip joint for lunch?" They said "the sandwiches are REALLY good!

    It may sound odd, but around here in Portland (per-capita strip club capital of the US), they're often known for good food.

    I am led to believe this is because the state liquor monopoly demands that to keep their booze license they need to make a high percentage of income from food sales.

    And thus the food has to be good - plus, there's so many they actually have to compete!

  14. Murphy's Law - the pups, they never fail to entertain, do they.

    Ed - Your Book of Barkley should have arrived UPS. Hope you enjoy.

    Old NFO - I'm so glad you got to meet him.

    morrisao - bad puns, no additional charge.

    Keads - The Ferengi will still take those :-)

    Borepatch - Dey Fine! HA!

    Monkeywragler - no as he has has all time favorite her angry bird, one both at the Range and the crash pad. It's about the same size but when she chomps on it, it lets out an angry bird noise instead of squeeks. She will do that for 15 minutes when I get home each day, showing mommmy she killed the angry bird for her.

    Midwest Chick - indeed he was, I still remember when he raided your bag when we took Dave to the opera during his cancer treatment. "Hey, those are my panties!"

    Skip - glad you added the "l" there. hehehe

    Sarah - indeed. Thanks for a chuckle.

    Stephen - sorry you're having a tough day, hope you and your wife are doing OK. Drop a line if you like.

    immagikman - I have to say, I never did try it, probably should have, at least once.

    Joseph - if they had disposable thumbs I'd be getting packages of biscuits from Amazon on the porch every day

    Sherry - We could all use a laugh on long Fridays. I donated blood on my lunch break, now it hurts to type with the finger they stuck, but it was worth it.

    Rev Paul - There's still some stories in me, of him, which I'm happy to share as we make new ones with Abby Normal (who is really turning out to be a smart and well behaved dog, except for making off with my beef jerky bag and hiding it with her toys).

    Jane of Virginia - may we all have such memories

    Roscoe - neither of us had a "bachelor" or "bachelorette" party though we did consider registering at Midway. But I did have a ninja garter belt with throwing knives under my wedding dress that Partner made me.

    Sigivald - that makes real sense. I briefly lived in a houseboat out on Sauvie Island and on the way in, there was this bar before you took the little bridge over that had a sign of "Thursday is Waterfowl Night - All the Ladies Get a Free Goose!"

  15. Made me remember something I hadn't thought of in years (and years and years). When I was a young thing, I worked as a budding young mathematician at the NIH in Bethesda, MD. I made a lot of friends while there and a few of the gang would get together and go to the Naval Medical Center Officer's Club for lunch. It was right across the street, had good food and cheap liquor. Our 'in' was one of our mob was retired Navy.

    Well, I am not sure how it came about but they started having strippers in the OC during lunch on Thursdays I think it was. So of course, we HAD to go to the OC on Thursdays. That was back in... '70 or '71. Imagine strippers in an OC now! It would be a National Emergency!!

    Funnily enough, lots of the officers would bring their wives there for lunch and the women were as amused, I think, as the men (albeit, more in a ha-ha way than in a oooh ahhh, way).

    I know there are those who won't believe that story, but I swear to you it is true, times have changed, but do remember back to those days... Someone high up enough finally complained and it was stopped, but dang, it went on for a few months I believe.

    I can hear the spirit of my Father whispering: "Jani, never let the truth get in the way of a good story!" and I answer, "Daddy, I swear to you it was true!!!"

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,

    Cap'n Jan

  16. great to meet you !Great blogg !I am already In Love with Barkley !I see a "person" in his eye's just from photographs !Was a magnificent Dog !

  17. living on cream street - what a great name for a street that was a dairy! (I paid you a visit). LOVE your jewelry, it's brilliant!

    Welcome and I hope you will come back. There's lots of stories of dogs and cats and people here and more stories of Barkley in the book and at www.thebookofbarkley.blogspotcom


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