Thursday, September 18, 2014

Barkley Memories - Posts From a Long Day

Today got crazy busy, and it will be a short night here at the Crash Pad and quiet, as Abby stayed home with Partner in Grime while I came down for a quick bit of business.  So for this evenings post, some Barkley memories and a thanks for those of you who have purchased The Book of Barkley.
Yo, Mom, I was watching Animal Planet.  What's with you guys taking over  the crash pad  TV set.
Yeah, but he's messing with my channel.  There was going to be hot poodles on the commercials, I know it.
Hey, he's in my spot, I'm supposed to get the spot next to Mom.
Well, Archer IS kind of like Animal Planet. . . .
You were ignoring me so I ate your last roll of toilet paper.


  1. Brigid , Thanks for a wonderful "Book of Barkley". What a nice remembrance for someone that touched your heart so much.I finished it last night.

    Also, Your description of childhood days brought me back in time to the good old days that I had in my youth :)

    Thanks and be safe,


  2. I see that Abby is a Lavatory Retriever.

  3. Daniel Watters - thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. I should have clarified (and did) that's a picture of Barkley there with the toilet paper roll. Good memories.

    IRISH - I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I hope you will share it with friends and family. That was a wonderful time to grow up, wasn't it.

  4. Take care of yourself, and please try not to work too hard.

  5. Brigid: D'Oh! The "hot poodles" comment certainly makes more sense coming from Barkley.


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