Sunday, September 14, 2014

Canon Fodder - Pistols, Pork, and the Semi Auto Fly Swatter

It felt good to wake up at home, away almost a month with the work and travel schedule for us both.  Partner had business not only a few hours from where I worked so we got a couple weekends together, but it had been too long since I'd been home. I was still tired, putting in a very long work day followed by the four hour drive home Friday night in heavy traffic.
I'll be less grumpy after coffee and pancakes.
Time for pancakes.  Replacing the buttermilk with maple flavored drinkable yogurt in the world's fluffiest pancakes recipe and adding and about 6 strips of bacon chopped into the batter, with 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and a teaspoon of milk, these turned out mighty tasty. Especially with more bacon on the side (hey someone ate the other  two pieces while the pancake stylist's back was turned!).
After that, it time to make the bread for Partners morning toast and lunches this week as he is not traveling. This  bread recipe, mixed up in the food processor  (one bowl, NO kneading) was in the pan in 10 minutes and after rising,  makes a loaf for about 70 cents. With some smoked turkey, this will make some dandy lunches for him with fruit and a homemade cookie.
We had a lot of catching up to do in two days. Partner had been out to Gunbloggers Rendezvous, traveling with a couple of raffle items.  Yes, it was a beautiful Ruger donated by the Ruger Company that had been in the range safe for a couple of months, and a handcrafted holster that Partner made to go with it.
As he always does when he's been on the road a long time, he brings me a little gift, as I do for him.  Our goal, funny, often useless, and occasionally tacky  items (think dried scorpion in a lollipop from some place in the Far East once).

Even better, the TSA didn't take it.  The Fly Shooter

This will be great back up for the Fly Taser!
Then it was time to do chores.  Partner had been home long enough to mow the yard during the last month, but it needed it again, as well as some limb and flower bed clean up. I do my part in keeping the place up, sharing in equally in the fun around here means we share equally in the work.
Partner works on a Mission Style Broyhill sofa sleeper we got for free on Craigslist. The wood has all been refinished and needs to be attached.  All new cushions were crafted with some black suede-like fabric and new foam.  But the last bits of the tacky  80's disco fabric has to come off before it can be finished up.  While he does that, I'll tend to the flowerbeds.
I had a feeling somethings was watching me.  I turned around and there he was, scoping out the birds and squirrels.

This is a safe neighborhood, but it is good to be aware.

It felt good to get the chores done.

But we can't forget about lunch.
 Beef chow mein on crispy noodles. (a great way to use up a little piece of inexpensive steak)
Now I need to attend to some other things.
Did I mention fun? 
Insert classified flying squirrel gun range photo here.
Before I knew it, it was time to make Sunday supper. This weekend was going by way too fast. Secret Ingredient of the day--handcrafted Fig Molasses, a brilliant recipe from a friend of mine, one not suited for the impatient or the poor with temperature control but making your own molasses, while tricky, is so worth the effort.

If it's something tasty, it's a good day in the kitchen.

Braised thick cut pork chops glazed with fig molasses and  served with corn bread and veggies.
click on photos to enlarge, carnivores, prepare to drool
Somebody sulked while the food was prepared.
Everyone is ignoring me while Mom is in the kitchen
 Nom Nom.  I smell something tasty.
I do!  It's something's coming off of the stove.

Sorry Abby - we've been down that road with you and pilfered pork.  You get kibble.

After the supper dishes were done, it was time for tea and a good book.
While Abby takes a nap with her little friend and I curl up in the rocker.
It will soon be time for sleep.  I hope you all had a safe, productive. and fun weekend, wherever it took you.


  1. Was that a GE fridge?
    When I was a kid we used a Crosman .22 co2 pellet gun we'd load with wax pellets to shoot flies.
    Mom never noticed.
    I gotta get Scherie to fix me pancakes like that.

  2. Seeing a Kit-Cat clock always brings a smile to my face. I have a black one over my office door at work.

  3. Ed Bonderenka - Yes it is, probably 60 some years old and it still works great so it's still in the kitchen. The small freezer is limiting but with a walk out basement, an extra chest freezer was an option.

    Eric - a lot of people still remember those clocks, though they're hard to find.

  4. I think I've put on weight just reading this post...
    You ought to get a bug assualt gun, way fun.

  5. Back from a quick trip to Indy. The XYL and I drove down to Carmel to see my nephew's bride (they are newlyweds) as part of the dance ensemble in a production of SWING. Slept in the fanciest hotel room that I've ever paid for myself in the Sheration at the Crossing. We had breakfast with my brother's wife at Perkins - the waffles were pretty bland and tough, sad to say. My brother and my nephew are out on a fishing trip. Then we drove home, stopping along the way once or twice at tourist attractions that we were always too busy to stop for - and finding out that we should have continues to be too busy to stop for them. Ah, well, it was still a very worthwhile trip!

  6. The cat and squirrel disappeared and then there was photos of food on the table, looks good though.
    Sounds like a good weekend.

  7. I made those pancakes this past week. Sadly my baking powder is a bit out of date... but they were tasty, just not as fluffy as yours.

  8. How did Huck make it all the way from Tam and Bobbi's place?

    Pork looked nummy!


  9. I had a great weekend. Part of that greatness was the gift you sent to my Mother. She told me to thank you for that. I will thank you as well. A very thoughtful and practical gift.

    We await further information on the plan of attack on Tuesday.

  10. The Babe and I ate this morning in a breakfast joint that was recently featured on a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives episode, and I can tell you right now, I would trade that for those pancakes in a heartbeat! Yum. I really should go buy some measuring cups and spoons. Dang that looks good!

  11. Mmmm bacon and pancakes...Now I need to go get breakfast, than you for your daily dose of morning Cheer.

    I spent the weekend prepping the snow blower after taking it out of storage. Nothing like tinkering with one of my favorite toys.

  12. It was a quiet and restful weekend.

    About all I got accomplished was making a TON of breakfast burritos, chorizo, bacon, eggs and a bit of sharp cheddar. Got 'em wrapped up in foil and put in the deep freeze for future fast food breakfasts.

    Finished up the latest "299 Days" and the last (?) installment in the "Holding Their Own" Series by Joe Nobody.

    All in all, great weekend.


  13. Great pics, and a fun weekend! All's well that ends well! ;-)

  14. B - the Kit-Cat clocks are easy to find. Amazon has them, and my wife bought mine locally at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  15. Flyshooters. Back in the road warrior days, gave away hundreds. Great way to break the ice on cold calls, and to shoot yourself after a serious blunder.

  16. When I read that you wish us a productive weekend, it reminds me of the prayers my Mom said for all us kids (10 of us,) at the end of each day, no matter how productive or tragic the day may have been.

    Thanks for the "remembery!'


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