Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day of Rest - Photos From a Small Town

Sunday is referenced in Biblical teachings as a "day of rest". It's a day in which many spend their morning in quiet reflection, prayer or worship.  Some simply catch up on sleep. If we're lucky there's bacon, eggs and muffins.

Then too often, we're busy the rest of the day, not on relaxing things we enjoy doing, but  working on household projects, repairs, laundry, cleaning, etc.  Then you wake up Monday morning and you're still tired.
So this Sunday, I put aside the chores, after I gave pause for what this day really means.
It was my day of rest, while taking some time for sunshine, fresh air and a clear look at the world around me.
Walking along, don't look just ahead, look to your side.  You may see something beautiful in the periphery of your vision that you never noticed before.
Notice the small things, the vibrant colors of your world.
Give thanks for what you have here, now;  not what might be taken from you.
Say hello to a neighbor. Offer the hungry or needy a meal.
A smile
or a kind word.
Walk around your community, visit side streets you've never walked before.
Find joy in the simple things.
See the artistry in things that aren't "art"
Take a little time doing something you just enjoy doing...
watching trains...
or going for a drive.
Be aware of your surroundings, but lose yourself to the day.
Say Grace before a meal.
Giving thanks for what you have, the blessings of your life, the strength to work, health  and family.
So many others are alone, and are not so blessed.
Do not expect perfection; in  the day, or others around you.
Try and bring a little beauty to the mundane.
Honor a veteran; remembering his or her family.
Bring a little color into someone else's life.
Be proud to raise your flag.
Forgive a grudge, and let sleeping dogs lie.
Turn off the phone and the TV.
 Enjoy the simple things of gentler days.
And always...
And smell the flowers.
Then, when the day is winding down, tell someone you love them and are thankful for them.
Preferably over a burger from the grill topped with some bacon coleslaw. The laundry and chores could wait.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 


  1. A fantastic post as always! Great pictures melded with your words are art in themselves.

    Thank you!

  2. Sounds like one fine afternoon. Because of the whole 'go to work tired on Monday' thing, I do my darndest to 'front load' my weekend. I'd rather be out in the yard working at 6AM Saturday than 3pm Sunday...

  3. Thanks Brigid Wife and have been going thru a rough spot in Life, not with each other. I needed this today.

  4. Amen. Thank you for the reminder. I'm too often "Martha, Martha" who is too busy to just stop and be.

  5. When you said you thought my book was good, my heart smiled.

    After reading this post, I'm taking out my camera and I'm going to start concentrating only on things that make my heart smile. It's hurt long enough.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Amen!

    I love the tree rat photos! What IS that he is trying to abscond with?

    And your dinner looks so good, I think we might have to do the same thing here, provided I can thaw out the burger in time.

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind comments, both on and off blog. I have arrived back at the crash pad safely to go back on duty soon.

    Dinner was pancakes -) Some extras I made and froze for a night I'm tired. I'll put up something for the blog, then get a little nap.

    Monkeywrangler - it was a chestnut from the looks of it. He was so busy gnawing on it I was able to sneak up to him, when he went up the tree, I froze, and he stopped and looked at me just a few feet away.

  8. Very evocative and moving. It made me stop and realize just how lucky and blessed I am with the wife,children,and grandchildren that I have, and the life I've been able to lead. Thanks for the mental jog!

  9. Dear Readers of HOTR -

    Those of you who know Brigid who she is the True Bill!
    She LIVES by these principles she so eloquently espouses.
    If you are new to reading this blog, please return often - you'll see.
    I am proud and humbled to call her a friend.


  10. Another well written post. Thanks for sharing. A day off should be nothing more then rest.


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