Monday, September 8, 2014

Dog Day Afternoons - A Barkley Recipe

Barkley, like most labs, would eat most anything. He always had a sensitive stomach to fatty or spiced people food, so all he ever got was the occasional nibble of plain lean meat, frozen veggies (he LOVED frozen baby peas and would eat them up like little ball bearings) and apple (no skin or seeds).  But  there I was, after a long day of work, contemplating a frosty beverage and thinking of what I could make to take to work for the team.

Pie.  I've never known a man to turn down pie.

But I didn't have much fruit on hand other than some frozen blueberries which were more withered than Papa Smurf, and one lone leper banana (fail).  But I did have some nice lemons from Trader Joe's and some OJ and eggs and flour and. . .

. . . . one black lab that was begging for a bite of that lemon I'm slicing.

"Dude, it's lemon, you're NOT going to like it".

He persisted.  I gave him a little piece, sans rind, carefully checking all seeds are removed (seeds can be toxic to pets).  He RAN back to his bed in the back bedroom with his prize

And chewed.
His face scrunched up, his eyes squeezed shut, he shook himself once and slowwwwly swallowed with a small whine.  That lemon slice did NOT go down easy.

Then, I swore he was smiling,  The tail was wagging.  He's snooting my hand.  He wanted ANOTHER piece!  Mom it's so horrendously bad it's good, like the Steven Seagal movie we watched!

But I couldn't really be surprised.  As those of you who have read The Book of Barkley, know from that little story, that was a dog that had eaten a sock, a worm and a piece of Little Caesars pizza all with the same gusto.  He was also the dog that sat by the edge of the counter for ages because I'd left a small meatloaf there one evening that accidentally got knocked to the floor to be immediately"retrieved".

Even after it was devoured, he sat there in the crop circle of barbecue sauce stain on the rug for hours, waiting for the mother ship to drop another chunk of beef to earth.

Sorry Barkley, it was just a bowl of nasty dry crap for you that night and lots of love while I made a pie.   If anyone scrunched up their face at it, I guaranteed you would have  heard about a half a dozen "suck it up Marine" and they would have gone  back to eating. They might jokingly complain about the calories, but there was never a crumb left when I baked something. to share.  And they all remember you, and with great fondness.

It's a little bit of time to make, but very much a favorite in this household.
Citrus Meringue Pie

The filling recipe is an adaption of one I saw in Taste of Home magazine.  The crust, a standby of mine with a meringue I added some Mexican vanilla to, to give it some extra depth beyond sugar and egg.

Enjoy and remember


  1. Gus the Scotty was like that, he loved carrots, even over hoofers.
    Lemon pie is a favorite here too. Will try your version soon.

  2. That made me smile because my own dog did the same thing with brussels sprouts. It was like she refused to admit defeat after putting so much effort into stealing that one sprout.

  3. Good morning Brigid, I have waded into my copy of The Book of Barkley and I want to thank you for the childhood memories of youth. It seems mine were similar :)

    Stay safe, Irish

  4. My oldest son has a dog. I told him we needed his pup to clean up the floor around Sammy it would save wear and tear on the vacuum. When I lived at home we had dogs I don't think any food ever hit the floor. if it did there was no 3 sec rule as it was gone in a nanosecond.

  5. Killin' me, you are! :-)

    LMP (okay CMP - hey CMP!) is one of my favorites!
    There's the light, whip-creamy recipe, and the dense lemon curd recipe.

    I like both!


  6. Heidi loves jalapenos. Craziest thing ever. Back when I still had Pepper, the Rottweiler, I used hot sauce to keep her from chewing things. So imagine my surprise when little Heidi hoovered up a slice of jalapeno that dropped out of my burger and then begged for more.
    Do you think I could sub pineapple juice for the OJ? I'm allergic to oranges.

  7. We had a Brittany mix when we lived in the middle of cornfields. She would wrestle a cornstalk to the ground and drag it into the yard, where she would painstakingly clean off the silk and husks, then eat the corn with gusto. I didn't mind; it was fun to watch, and the kids got a kick out of it.

  8. My son has a Black Lap that just loves the catsup packets from the fast food places he takes them Whole and they pass thru whole.

  9. LO. Barkley with the lemon is as bad as Belle with hot's just insane, but you can't help giving them another one just to see it they do it again.

  10. Seeing Dog Days beer reminded me of Red Tick Beer from The Simpsons:


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