Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hair Apparent - We All Have Those Kind of Days

I head (no pun intended) to the hair stylist about every four-five weeks as my hair grows beyond fast.   Usually, though, the visit is after a 10 hour work day, the salon being open until 9 PM. I give my regular stylist a lot of credit.  My hair is baby fine, curly (I refer to it as "free range") and well, red. I won't mention the few strands of grey and trying to match that, or I'd have to kill you.  It's the hair stylist equivalent of  juggling knives.

I went in this week for a hair cut and some "natural highlights" which involve a  transfer of cash similar to ransom, and an hour and a half with enough foil on my head to attract a number of  conspiracy theory admirers.

I also went in without lunch or dinner due to the day I had at work.

I had a ladies magazine on my lap, while, with glasses off,  as the beautiful genius that does my hair, Danielle, finished up.

Did I mention that when I hit 50 not too long ago I had to get "reading glasses"and anything a foot a way is a bit blurry?

There was a picture of soup in the magazine.  I started to get really hungry  It looked SO good and that bagel and apple and coffee at 6 a.m.were distant history. I think I drooled on the page. Someone mentioned that, looking perplexed when I said "I SO want a bowl of that."   I couldn't wait  until I was free of sculpting gel and a dryer to get home and make me some of that, the broth the succulent chicken,  some shrimp,while I curled up with a glass of expensive white wine and Bach.

Then I put my glasses on.
I'd been drooling over cat food. Friskies Fancy Feast no less.

After that,  I stopped  McDonald's for a Filet O Fish and the liquor store for bottle of white wine, just grabbing one from their "pick of the week" display as I was tired.   When I got home and tried to open it with the wine opener and I couldn't puncture the top I realized it was a twist off cap.

Filet O'Fish and McWine.

Maybe I should have just gone for the cat food.


  1. Isn't getting older just grand?


  2. To be fair, that cat food looks nicer than some of the stuff I put on my plate for dinner.

  3. lol once again for starting my day off with a hearty laugh :)

    I know what Im sending you for Christmas.

  4. immagikman - Chrismas? Let's see, cat food, cap snaffler, double barreled shotgun and an issue of AARP?

  5. But -- how was the wine?
    If it's any consolation, in Italy, according to my cousins there, they're more relaxed about the "No twist-off caps for wine" rule.
    I know some people who turn their upturned noses up at wine that was bottled with the plastic or composite cork.

  6. Hehehe, yep ONE of those days...

  7. Windy - I don't remember the name, it's back in the fridge at the crash pad, but it was pretty good actually.

    Stay @ Home Gardener - thanks for visiting. I love that little piece of property you are on. So beautiful.

  8. HILARIOUS! Literally laughing out loud. Thanks!!

    I get it too, about the arms being too short now, and the intermittent grey. I just pull em if I find em.


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