Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kilted to Kick Cancer - With UPDATE!

It's that time of year, when the shadows grow longer, there's a little nip in the air, and folks suddenly start donning kilts! (even the tactical kind!). It's even more special when the men start donning theirs, and for a worthy cause.

Kilted for Cancer is such a cause, that through the efforts of a few stouthearted men (who don't mind a draft) raises money and awareness for a disease that has affected many lives.

My Dad has been dealing with it for several years now.  At 94, it likely won't be his end, but it has impacted his life greatly.  But if were not for the advances in research, thanks in part to such fundraisers, he probably wouldn't be here now.  So for me, this is sort of personal.

Bloggers Jay G and Ambulance driver take on the cause each year and I always try and leave a link up for them as I admire them both greatly.  But I'm going to spotlight someone new this year, my long time friend, both on and off the blogosphere - -Borepatch   Because he lost his Dad to Prostate cancer, so for him, it's very personal.

And he rocks the kilt.

Even at Kroger, looking more dashing than Kenny Rogers with an adult beverage.
If you are of a mind to donate to a great charity, hit Kilted for Cancer's donation page (and I know Team Borepatch would appreciate a hit as well for their team, which is on the team donation drop down menu). It's a great cause and it's tax deductible as a 501(c)3 charity.
As an added incentive, the first 20 people that donate $50 dollars or more to Team Borepatch's Kilted to Kick Cancer fund will get an autographed copy of The Book of Barkley for themselves or to have as a Christmas gift for someone (so you don't have to regift the Goat on a Rope).
It's my way of getting things started, for my Dad, and all the others battling this disease.
Borepatch put up more information on that offer in a  recent post. 

Thank you guys, my friends, each and every one of you, for what you do.  Thank you as well, to all of my readers that care.
 - Brigid


  1. Brigid, thank you. I think that Dad would like this post a lot.

  2. Thanks for a shout-out to a great cause.

    Go Team Borepatch!

    (And Team Ambulance Driver, if you're feeling extra generous.)

  3. How sad we must rally the troops by marching for dimes, or having telethons, or wearing kilts.
    Lets just agree to kill all cancers.
    And God Bless Borepatch and your Dad and everyone involved!


  4. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get my page up too!

  5. Mark of Confessions of A Talk Radio Blogger, a local Radio personality and I comprise Team Corpus Christi. I have wanted to be a part of this for several years.

  6. My Father is still here after a dire prognosis 10+ years ago. I now live with that and this cancer I hate. I want it over with!

    OBW, Nice Kilt! I know that HAS to be you!

  7. Brigid,

    I got my Team Borepatch copy of "The Book of Barkley" in the mail yesterday.

    You have such a talent, not just the writing, but the insights.

    Thank you.


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