Friday, September 19, 2014

Week End Surprise - Books, Bankers and Maybe a Beer

Well - Half price Books IS on the drive home.

The end of a long week and some great surprises. And not just these little finds, the one below only $3.
I got everyone's books out that sent one for an autograph or money for an autographed copy to the Wild Hare Enterprises address.  Since I was late in picking up that mail they all went out UPS or Priority Mail to get there quicker. Lois M.- the address that you requested it to be sent wasn't recognized by UPS (don't know if it was a typo in the street number or error in their system). So I sent it inscribed as you requested to your home address with enough money to cover shipping it to where you wanted it to go priority or UPS.

Gene G. I sent yours to the address on the envelope and later noticed you had a different address for mailing at the bottom of your letter. If that envelope one isn't valid, drop me a "do not post" comment and I'll send off another one (it was one of those  long days, 3 hour of sleep nights and I wasn't too swift today).

But what was really wonderful was all the hand written notes in the requests, from a couple of people who comment that I know, and others that may or may not be bloggers, perhaps just readers.
The kind words and appreciation for my daily meanderings here moved me to tears. That my efforts here, these thoughts and pictures have meant so much to so many of you, and have become a daily part of your lives, as some of you said, means the world to me.  Your support online has brought me a great deal of joy and comfort in this last year.

But there was another surprise, in a box, from a blog name I recognize.  It was not a request for a book, just simply a little gift, to brighten my world found at a thrift shop  (which stirs my new found Scot blood) and mailed off to me. He lapped up the coins, but needed a little coaxing.  Inside, a planetary gear box was found to have slipped off a shaft.  That was fixed and Whoa Nellie - that Barkly the Banker can eat some coins!

Barkly the Banker. 
(this is from youtube, as my own movie efforts didn't turn out so well).

You put coins in his dish and he gobbles them up as they disappear into the bank below..

It still is making me laugh. Thank you U.!