Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's in Your Bag? - A Meme for your Tuesday

OK, while the results come in for the end of Kilted to Kick Cancer  fundraiser at midnight tonight, I just thought I'd post something quick and fun.  Please check out the post below this one;  its' not too late to get in a donation  before midnight. 

This was a tough call this year.  Borepatch is new at this, and like me, has lost a parent in the last few years.  Old NFO, another big player in the game, goes a long ways back with me--the man actually survived a flight as a 30-something Naval Officer in the back of a Sherpa that I was Pilot in Command of when he was headed back to base. That's when we first met and we've somehow crossed paths personally or professionally ever since.  And Jay G. is well, Jay G., someone I  have been able to count on for years, both in the blogosphere and in real life.  So many others of  you, old and new friends, part of this fundraiser.  All I can say is thank you for donating to Team Borepatch or YOUR favorite team.  We're all in this together.
Barkley says - this ball just doesn't throw itself you know.

For tonight - since I don't have a kilt to store anything - What's in your tactical purse/man satchel?  Not your range bag, but what you carry to work or to the store:

Mine is as follows as  dumped out on the bed when I got home.

Jameson wallet (from the factory gift store).
Squirrel badge (OK, that's not our logo, but I can't show that)
dog biscuits
tactical lip gloss from Bee Naturals
Tanka buffalo bar
a Scrabble letter with Barkley tooth marks on it (don't ask me WHY that is in there)
generic menthol rub
tinted sunscreen (Kabuka Theater Pale Shade)
ratty picture holder with pictures of my daughter growing up - (all I have of those years)
passport for work travel (if I carry it, they suddenly won't send me to some country with large spiders, that's my hope anyway)
extra digital cards for a camera
little flashlight
lots of pens and a highlighter

Thank you again, for those that have helped Kilted to Kick Cancer, and those of you who have helped a couple families in need this week that we are all still praying for.


  1. The only battery that I have is my camera bag that has a worn out camera, batteries and some mints.
    I fixed chicken tacos for supper and added bacon and called them Brigid tacos. I had to explain and my wife liked the story about your shortest interview.

  2. I will have to do a pocket/belt dump as I don't usually carry any bag.

    Spyderco PM2
    Leatherman Piranha
    Fenix PD35 light
    small amount of cash
    wallet with ID and other info

  3. I'll play. Springfield Armory, XDM 3.8 compact 45 pistol with 2 extra mags. Streamlight, scorpion flashlight. Wallet, with all the usual stuff. Checkbook. Buck 110 lockback. Smith mini-sharpener. Fingernail clippers. Pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution. Lucky rock. Old school flip phone. Bic lighter. 5' of paracord. And a glaring void where the partridge and the pear tree are supposed to be.

  4. What? No Gibbs rule #9? And is the Vaporub for what I think it is? (Think morgue)

  5. Long time reader, first time commenter

    Your blog is wonderful and I appreciate you sharing your life and your stories. Having read of your "spider issues", I ran across something I thought might bring a smile.

    "Attempted to kill a spider the other day with what mistakenly turned out to be spray body glitter. Now it won't stop stripping, and I have to call it Cinnamon."

    Jonathan from SC

  6. You make very beautiful baby girls :) Good Job! I totally get the scabble letter with Barkeleys tooth mark.

  7. I haven't had to brush my hair in years, last time I did it was with a fingernail brush. :-)

  8. Sunnybrook Farm - Hmmm. The tacos sound really good. I made the mistake of taking the chocolate orange hot sauce and bags of chips to work, and we ate that all day. Plus there was cake as it was one of the guy's birthday, and donuts. I think I'll be skipping dinner.

    Monkeywrangler - Can we trade bags?

    Stephen - I've seen some ladies bags that were so big you could have had the whole 10 Lords a Leaping thing going on. You've got some nice stuff.

    Luc - Vic's has it's uses, most certainly.

    Jonathan from SC - Thanks for the comment and HOW funny!!!

    immagikman - my hair is darker but we could have been twins at that age.

    NotClauswitz - at least you didn't do what I did that time, and grab a knife and trim my bangs out in the field because they were in my face and I was getting bed up. They ended up so short I looked like a Romulin.

  9. No man satchel, although I was the only guy in the Troop to carry a map case, which was referred to as my tactical man bag, in the big sandbox.
    pocket dump:

    Swiss Army Knife (Spartan, I believe)
    clicky gel pen
    S&W 642 in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster
    Spare mag for Glock 21


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