Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gunpower and Bread - The Weekend


Yeast Rolls with Rosemary and Sea Salt

With an egg and a couple pieces of bacon, it made for a nice breakfast.
I realized Thursday as I was going into four days off that it was going to be pretty quiet 'round these parts with Partner on the road and my closest friends, it seems, on holiday or taking time needed for family and themselves.

Still, I was looking forward to it, still laughing from photos of a little surprise that waited for me.  You see, Partner in Grime had this horrifically cheap and  ugly blue ceramic lamp in the bedroom of his bachelor quarters that I absolutely hated, and it didn't go away when we got married, despite my having a large dowry of  muffin tins, reloading supplies and lamps (no cows though).

For waiting for me  at the Range would be:

A lamp
gloves to protect from flying glass
a hammer
safety goggles
And a little note.
For it's been a stressful time lately, in the world, in my own.
 But there were some bright spots in the weekend, even if spent alone.

People are still buying and reading the Book of Barkley which brightens my whole world (and helps with Dad's nursing expenses)  Plus, there were 2 more requests for autographed copies, that came into the Wild Hare Enterprises mailbox including one. . .

For Chewbacca.  Yes, Peter Mayhew, the actor that portrayed him in all the Star Wars Movies.  He has a rescue dog named Scout and we have mutual friends.  I was offered payment for the book and declined.  The Wookie will never pay for a book on my watch.

 The inscription?

Peter - I skipped school to watch you in Star Wars in 1977.  Best decision ever! Thank you for our support of the rescue dogs.  LBJ

Chewie brings back a lot of memories, and not just of the movie.
No Barkley, you can't eat the little roaring Wookie that's attached to Tam's purse!

Then it was time to curl up with some reading of my own. Old NFO 's novel The Grey Man - Payback.  I was a beta reader for the scientific/forensic bits (though apparently my instructions for measuring body height for a headless body were a little too detailed, and Jim just referenced some "formula" in that edited bit that totally made me smile.)
Its' a wonderful, riveting read, better than anything I've savored this summer of it's type (action, adventure, law and the West).  It's even better than the first one, so hold on to your hat and go to Amazon and simply type in the title to order one now, or click on Old NFO's web link above to order.

Now Back to our Usual Programming.  Pineapple Chicken from scratch.

Dogs Like Chicken!
Sorry Abby - but remember, I did get you that stuffing free toy and some little treats shaped like little toothbrushes to clean your teeth this week at Specks!

Looks like it's just going to be you and I this weekend, Abby.

But it's Fall, there's apples, and pumpkins and all kinds of things I can do to keep busy.
Maybe I can  carve a pumpkin for the side table.  Perhaps one like this.
Or just go to the range and blast away some frustration.
Shooting burns calories right?

The conservation club was deserted.
Still, there's just something about the golds of Fall against the last green remnant of summer.
The burnished brass of leaves, the silver glint, an icy sheen, on a puddle deep in shade.

I love those last few days of Fall.  Even out here, the solitary wanderer.

A shot or two.

A drive safely back home.
Dinner - (French bread stuffed with sausage lasagna sauce and cheeses)
 and perhaps another small shot before bed.
A gift from a long retired friend and reader, to whom I had sent some TBOB's for his whole family, that came to me with some antique reloading stuff that was really cool. Thank you Bob!

Gunpowder and Bread.  Even alone, I've got family and friends.  It's all good.