Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween - Village Life

The lions won't sleep tonight.
as ghosts gather,
and strange creatures watch.
Leaves die, beautiful in their passing,
as a porch waits for the the pitter patter of small feet.
 Everywhere there is color,
 lining your path.
Beauty is everywhere,
 as is laughter.
 The window is silent as trees stand guard,
over their fallen children
color remembered everywhere.
Abby explores,
while Bambi watches ghouls dance,
 their ballroom awash in color.
There is so much that is good about this season--
especially throwing an armful of leaves on your laughing little brother


  1. Really nice photos of the leaves, our leaves have not fallen like that yet, probably by Monday. No trick or treaters here, too far off the road so we didn't buy any candy which is just as well as I like it too much.

  2. I think all the remaining leaves came down last night, probably due to the rain which is supposed to turn to snow in about two hours.


  3. Even though we live in a big development, our rental is located on a busy thoroughfare so the total number of kids ringing the bell ended up at less than a dozen.

    I answered the door in my "Corner Gas" mechanic's shirt, once again timely with the impending movie release.

    Good to see the standards maintained at Dog River law enforcement. :)

  4. Did you file a flight plan or did you go VFR last night?


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