Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Anniversary

We'd been the best of friends on-line for several years, trading secrets, failures, bad dates, bad puns and an occasional phone call when we needed a friend's ear. He had seen me through some heartache, something good friends do. But we never met in person, just sharing conversation, virtual good pancakes and bad timing. 

We met for the first time at a small coffee shop, at the tail end of summer three years ago, when we were both unexpectedly, actually at the same spot on the planet at the same time, though neither of us were where we lived. Spotting the handsome young man in the old fashioned fedora was not hard.
We stayed for hours drinking lots of coffee, but not ordering anything, neither one of us wanting to leave. But we did, with a reluctant goodbye. That day, I think, we both knew.

A little over two years later, on this date, I said I Do.  We didn't blog much about it but it's there in The Book of Barkley, for it was a story of not just Barkley and I, but all the people he brought into my life.  As to the wedding, Barkley agreed; it was the smartest thing I have ever done; the redhead Scot with the inquisitive mind, marrying the bow-tie wearing long distance traveler, for whom, I was his whole universe.
Cake by Emily at

It was a very small ceremony, the setting, unique but with only room for a handful of people.  It's the way we wanted it.  And no, I did NOT throw my bouquet at Tam, or anyone else, or a garter belt.  Partner made me something better (yes, that is a ninja garter and yes, those are throwing knives).
Happy Anniversary Babe.  You are my heart and there can be more than "one per Tardis."