Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big World - Small Wonders

There are some givens in the world.  I love dogs.  I have friends who are kind people that love dogs.  And I wrote my first novel about dogs. I planned to donate some of the sales proceeds from the book to animal shelters (OK, it' been ALL of the sales so far plus money for a  blogger that needed a helping hand).  So far I'm just starting to get the royalties so it's been to just  two organizations plus one new one I just linked and made a small donation to adding them to my list for future donations--  Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in Atlanta.  I don't know them but they just caught my eye on the Internet while looking at various rescue organizations.

Those are the given things. Then there are the things that just make you wonder.
I'm involved in a week of of non-stop meetings with squirrel headquarters, no, not related to anything interesting, just techo/science/geeky stuff and how it can go wrong. So time to really write is limited.  But I wanted to share this

I have a friend who is recovering from a hospital stay, several states away.  One of his neighbors is checking up on him, as my friend doesn't have any family living with him. That neighbor, bought a Book of Barkley having heard about it from my friend.  I sent that one, plus an extra free one for a family member, for his doing good things. I don't know this person at all,  he's not a blogger, or a friend, just someone that is helping his neighbor, who is my good friend, through a hard time.

I got a kind note back from the neighbor.  He gave the book to this wife.  He said she was going to post it after reading it on Facebook for her Rescue group --
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Big world. small wonders, just individuals doing what we can each day, to make a difference, even if no one else cares.
I have your sock AND my toy!

Though part of me thinks Barkley had a hand in this.

Eat some Bacon, hug a loved one.  Night - Brigid


  1. Paying it forward... Nuff said...

  2. It's a strangely small world, sometimes. (And that's outside of the military, where it's an amazingly tiny and well-connected world.)

    *hugs* for you, and bacon's in the fridge for tomorrow morning.

    (p.s. - remember Dilbert's law of meetings: the person with the largest bladder wins at any meeting where coffee is present!)

  3. Barkley had a paw in it, for sure!


  4. I love Angels Among Us! They help so many animals!

  5. Unrelated to this post.

    Well, this is not a news item for the arachnophobe.

  6. Barkley is even a stronger force of love now that he is not tied by his mortal, yet gorgeous dog body. You go, Barkley !

  7. Brigid, I received my copy of BoB for my birthday Wednesday and am enjoying it thoroughly. (Except for the typo on p. 60 - fix that in the second printing, okay?) My question is, was your brother involved in any of the reindeer games in "Blind Man's Bluff?" If so, we have two degrees of separation...

    John of the GMA

  8. Unknown -The second print fixed two glaring typos. It did not catch that one on page 60 as my copy editor actually thought it should be singular as what was being referred to was job positions which was plural.

    Every book has typos, even the biggest best sellers that have the money for 4 rounds of copy editing, which I did not. I can live with it.

    Yes, he was. In several spot in the book.

  9. Yes, in some circles its a small world. I'm looking forward to your next book, BTW. (A collection of some HOTR pieces, perhaps?) Of course, if you persist in heading chapters "Soldiers In Your Cup" the deal is off... 8->

    John in the GMA

  10. Thanks John :-)

    You might have known him by the nickname "Bull".

  11. Here is a worthy rescue in Kentucky. The head of this kraken is a lawyer, and she's delightful to read, even when she's mad.
    Well worth the read, and donating to.

  12. The Hilltop View of Morris County - thanks for the heads up. I have seen them on Facebook and will add them to my list. Thanks to all of you who bought the book $500 was donated in October to Animal Rescue Organizations in Maryland, Texas, California and Atlanta as well as $1200 ($100 a month for a year) to one in Chicago who did a last minute rescue of labs hours from being put down clear across the country.


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