Monday, November 17, 2014

Unicorn Horn for Cats - The Perfect Gift

When I go out and see my Dad on planned vacation trips,  I usually bring home some smoked salmon for a friend or two, rather than the usual cutesy souvenirs. 

But coming through the hippie friendly Portland airport on a couple of quick trips out and back when he was in the hospital recently (he's home and doing a little better, thanks for the prayers) I saw this. I immediately thought of the mayhem that would ensue if either Huck or his doppelganger Bob, from Midwest Chick and Mr. B's home, was outfitted with an inflatable unicorn horn.

Apparently, all the cool cats in Portland want one.

But I do NOT think Huck  wants one.

Tam - I think I need backup!


  1. I imagine that both the cats and their owners would rather have something from Rogue. Maybe Morimoto Imperial Pilsner in that really cool bottle. :)

    (Concourse D, just across from the [budget airline that shall remain nameless but rhymes with "hear it"] gate at PDX -- appropriate since you will need large quantities of alcohol if you are flying in 28 inches of seat pitch, and Rogue fills growlers.)

  2. Huck - Feline of Unusual Size

  3. There is some kind of fundamental difference being elucidated...

    Dog: "You want me to wear that? Well, sure, if it'll make me the center of attention from the people, and/or those bacon drippings might end up on my kibble afterward."

    Cat: "Is there a particular body part you want my teeth to click together in the middle of? Or should I just take my pick?"

  4. If I tried to put that on Bob, one of us would die.

    Likely me by exsanguination. If not immediately, the the next time I let my guard down.

    Goldie *Might* allow it.


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