Saturday, December 27, 2014

Elephants, Enchiladas and Gunfight at the Better than OK Corral - Saturday Fun

The day started sunny, windy and surprisingly warm for December.  Off to check out the Brookfield (Chicago) Zoo, then an afternoon with friends.
He has that "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" expression.

It's always a good time, there on the West Side of Chicago and a short drive for ourselves and a number of our friends that make their homes in Northern Illinois or Indiana so we go once or twice a year.

Then we met the Og family at a local restaurant.  We searched places  near the zoo, and found this small Mexican place in Lyons (no pun intended) that got great reviews on yelp.  

By the time we met up -- I was as hungry as an elephant.

Tony's Mexican Grill.  They have a family restaurant as well, down the road on Ogden that was absolutely packed  from the looks of the parking lot as we drove past it on the way out.
 Chicken Enchiladas

The place was small, you might drive right past, but it was spotlessly clean, and given the amount of food that came out in big boxes for takeout orders that were streaming out the door by smiling people - they have an efficient and organized kitchen.  We could hear the cooks working away, and not a single ding of a microwave to be heard.
Today's special with carne asada

We dined in  and our smiling and friendly waitress had the food to us quickly, but not before bringing some chips and guacamole out. This generated some laughter as apparently Og  misplaced an avocado he got at the store for a recent meal, and after much searching of kitchen, where he unpacked it from the bag,  it could not be found.  There were a number of jokes about avocado bandits, free range avocados and worm holes snatching up unsuspecting fruit as it could not be found anywhere.
This was my order.  A taco, single beef fajita and tostada. I saw a burrito go by on a plate.  It was the size of a racoon.

Mrs. Og and the Oglette had chicken Quesadillas.  The tortillas were homemade by the looks and taste.  So good.
The staff was so friendly, and the food very good, and reasonably priced, We will make it a point to stop back in some day soon.

Since our Village is on their way home, back to the Range.  Og had a box of really cool books for us, from cleaning out his library and finding some duplicates.  We will have some fun looking through these and adding them to our shelves. 
Then it was just time to sit back and visit--hearing about the oglette's fencing team at college (she's the only woman on it) as well as stories of the past and present - some of them told in such a way, our sides would hurt from laughing. Abby just went from person to person, so happy to see her new friends again.
You can't even see Abby's tail in this picture it was wagging so fast.

Later - as the sky was darkening, a run was made to a local store for some adult beverages and Partner came back with a 50% off ( $7) Christmas toys and games find. Infrared cowboy action shooting!

And the next thing you know, a gun fight  broke out.


Thanks, my friends - it was a fun day.


  1. It was a spectacular day. Thanks for letting us hang out there until the Oglet felt like moving again, and thanks for a wonderful lunch.

  2. Days don't get any better than that - I'm glad you had such a one.

  3. The day seems like a fun one, and the food looks delicious.

  4. looks as if you are having way too much fun!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sounds and looks like it was a wonderful day. I've got to say you have me missing good Mexican food. Something always in abundance in the city and burbs. I love Abby's cyclone tail picture! :)

  6. Envy! I spent the day with TSA and the airlines... sigh...

  7. Og - it was a lot of fun and it was great to see oglette again.

    Rev Paul - they're not always easy to organize with schedules and we missed having Midwest Chick and her partner with us as she was taking care of eldery parents.

    old okie - we do try.

    Sarah - I live in a mostly Polish/Irish neighborhood in the city, but there's some really good authentic Mexican within 20 minutes.

    Race Bannon - I went back today and bought the three they had left, for friends.

    Linda - thank you - I saw you left an email, and I'll respond in the morning, it was busy day, with quite a few chores and I'm heading to bed. I'm glad you had some good food and some folks around you on Thanksgiving. Your food preparation was wonderful.

  8. Brigid- just rub in the Polish food! Our favorite Polish market in Chicago and the suburbs closed. I would give a body part for some mushroom pierogi! :) I have my grandma's pierogi recipe but it's just not the same. My dad just had his 50th High School reunion which was held at the White Eagle. There was no doggie bag brought home...I don't know if I was more upset or if Kiernan was! :) I just miss being able to pick from basically any ethnic fare you want. Something that we don't have in central IL. :( Then again it does make it so there is an upside to Kier's Dr's visits in the city!


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