Friday, December 26, 2014


The Compute-inator written about the past couple of nights --works.  Woot!
After passing rigorous safety testing.
And establishing a quality control program.

After a day of  tidying up Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc., we are going to spend tomorrow with the Og Family. The oglette has not meet Abby Normal, the rescue lab, as she has been off at college.  She asked about the name--not ever hearing about the movie from  which it came.  I got an email last night from Og that she has now been introduced to Young Frankenstein. Tomorrow should be a hoot, then.

Hopefully we won't get thrown out of anywhere for being politically incorrect.  It was a close one at the quiet, dignified, wine tasting place when the ladies, several glasses of wine in, starting quoting dialogue from some of the classics of our early adulthood Airplane, Young Frankenstein, and Blazing Saddles--I about snorted Chardonnay when Mrs. Og and Midwest Chick first started in on some of it.
Dad - can I have some Ovaltine?

Oh, come on, all of you know THAT one.

Frau Blücher: Would the doctor care for a... brandy before retiring?
Dr. Frankenstein: No. Thank you.
Frau Blücher: Some varm milk... perhaps?
Dr. Frankenstein: No... thank you very much. No thanks.
Frau Blücher: Ovaltine?
Dr. Frankenstein: NOTHING! Thank you! I'm a little - tired!
Frau Blücher: Then I vill say... goodnight, Herr Doctor.
Dr. Frankenstein: Goodnight, Frau Blücher.
[horses whinny]


  1. Brigid, Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Looks fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  3. Still no self destruct button?

    This year marked the 40th anniversary of "Young Frankenstein". IIRC, the reunion is on the new video release.

    (Possibly NSFW - Mel uses a naughty word.)

    If you are an "Airplane" fan, the opening minutes of "Sharknado 2" are a must see.

    Mrs. Roscoe asked, "Where has he been lately?"


  4. It complements the decor.
    You've given me an idea for an old Siemens O-Scope I haven't been able to part with for sentimental reasons.

  5. "The hair. The hair. Don't touch the hair!"

    "You men are all a like. Seven or eight..."

  6. So then, just what does the volt meter do :)


  7. I am an Airplane fan! Just don't call me Shirley.

  8. Another obscure movie quote for the picture of Abby:

    "So when you get there, you can have all of the free beer and sausages you can eat."

  9. Kind of like putting a modern "LS motor" into a tri-five Chevy!


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