Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blinding You with Science

This is a Micro crack in steel as seen through an electron microscope. (Though it appears Partner in Grime photo shopped the saved photo.)  I've vacationed at places that looked like this!

Of course the folks on NCIS wouldn't need an electron microscope. Gibbs would just squint and go "ahh yup - micro-crack", before Abby could even consider micro-cracks at the surface of metals detected and imaged by near-field microwave techniques from the crack-induced variations of the resonance frequency and of the resonant circuit quality factor. I mean really, you have to get this thing solved in an hour WITH commercials.

Fire up the welder Festus, we're off to Ferrous Canyon! You all be safe out there, I headed back to Indy a day early to beat the winter storm barreling down from Canada so I'm not late for work.


  1. Great picture Say thanks to your Partner In Grime and I really liked Gibbs and Abby.

  2. Just in case you haven't stumbled on this haven of bacon:
    (I found this mentioned in a comic today)

  3. Many years ago I looked at various food items under a high powered microscope. I refused to eat potato chips for years after - looked like small islands in a swamp full of grease.....


  4. That is an awesome picture! It does look like a canyon in the desert. I'm always amazed that nature shares so much similarity from what we can see down to what we can't. Too cool!

  5. Vasquez Rocks ... again?!? :)

    NCIS has been dark lately. Really dark. Even the long-overdue introduction of Gibbs Wife #2, Jeri Ryan (!), turned dark after 20 minutes of fun.

    1. I thought that was Jeri Ryan, but I didn't have time to look it up the night the episode was playing.

    2. Yup. If you know a little history, the producers casting Jeri Ryan is an interesting statement at this point in time ... in addition to being fun for "Star Trek" fans.

      I have to wonder how long ago it was planned.

  6. It reminds me of how we would magnify cross sections of sheared sheet metal blanks to verify their suitability to be laser welded together.
    Never saw any cowpokes, though.

  7. LOL, nice job of photoshopping! And I'd like to see the welder that could weld that 'small' a crack... :-)

  8. Well, sure! If they were macro-cracks, anybody could see them.

    There are a number of Web resources about the marvels to be viewed with the right amount and type of microscopy. Perhaps the most unexpected are these extremely in-groupy "Easter eggs" deliberately put onto chips:
    (As a T-bird guy I'm partial to

    Here goes the rest of everybody's day:


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