Sunday, February 8, 2015

Please Vote!'s 2015  International Prizewriter Competition is open for voting and The Book of Barkley is in the running for not only a monetary prize - which I will donate for the care and training of the disaster response dogs of  Search Dog Foundation - but a televised mention on National Book Day as a Finalist in the biography/memoir genre.

So please go to the link on the top right sidebar that opens when you click on the prizewriter banner and give it a vote if you've enjoyed this blog or Barkley's stories. You have to connect through Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to vote though, so heads up. But thank you for considering it and if you're not linked  in social media to vote, please consider telling others.  The finalist selection came from professional critics, the winner is picked through popular vote only.



  1. Been there, done that. Hope you win!

  2. I voted early, bu t darn it, they wouldn't let me vote often!

  3. What Ed said I also hope you win.

  4. Done and in checking today it appears you are in the lead. Yeah for you and Barkley


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