Monday, May 18, 2015


I have been out of pocket  late working, doing a quick check on Dad out West, and doing a  final edit read of Old NFO's new Book on the Grey Man Series - Changes.  I'm NOT the beta reader you want for grammar but if you need to know how to correctly estimate the height of a headless body, apparently, I'm your gal.

Today - a single day off at home before going back to work. Not sure if I'll do anything. Yesterday started at 4 am. and I didn't get home until almost dark. You know you're tired when you're too knackered to microwave a chicken pot pie and dinner is 2 ounces with a splash of water.

For those waiting for Jim's book - it is SO worth the wait.  It was an incredibly riveting and detailed read, bringing back the characters we all loved, and introducing a few new ones.  (And I do NOT want to meet the guy known as "The Punisher" except over a friendly beer).

Til tomorrow folks.


  1. Thank you! And I truly appreciate the time to give me GOOD and usable feedback (and yes, I made all the changes)!!!

  2. Mini Moon Pies. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.

  3. I anxiously await the new book, just as I awaited yours. I'm still reading it as I get a few minutes here and there and very much enjoying it.

  4. Old NFO - it was an honor.

    Roscoe - Add a beer and it's a "complete breakfast"

    Excelling in Mediocrity - thank you and I am so glad you are enjoying it. It's one that some readers go "chick book" and don't look further but it's about flying and life and all sorts of things that I hope will resonate with a wider audience.


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