Saturday, May 9, 2015

Girl's Day Out - Pomme Frites and Photos

Since tornadic weather kept me from driving home for a single night off, I hung around in Indy while Partner in Grime cleaned up from a plumbing project that had required the water being off for a while. (don't worry - I'm making homemade croissants tomorrow so he will be rewarded).

Girls Day Out!  It's been a couple of months with work, time at home and the move.  It started with detailed secret code known only between friends.

Tam:  Brugge Brassiere?

Me:  2 pm?

The clandestine arrangements made, A good nights sleep was had and after a walk with Abby it was time to make the drive into the city from the crash pad.

We've had some good times over the years on these regular outings, seeing the mundane, the incredible and sometimes, just the uh. . "uniqueness" that the stores and people of  Broad Ripple can be.
No, I did NOT buy a pair of these for Partner in Grime.

But there have been a lot of good times on such days.

Such as the time we were idling  idling at the intersection of Broad Ripple Avenue and College.  Suddenly, from the passenger seat, I hear a soft but sharp little "eek!", sound I'd never heard before.

Something just scared the bejesus out of  Tam .

Apparently, the giant plush snake that just been poked at her through the open window from the car idling right next to us. Not the recoil she's used to.

The snake was being wielded by a dapper elderly gent in a pristine Volkswagen "Thing".  Her "eek" gave way to laughing and he then picked up his companion from the passenger seat.  A giant stuffed marsupial of some sort,  holding it up at us so we could see its teeth and furry claws, waving its paw at us, then turning the corner on the green light with a cheery wave.

You expect to see some fine arts and good food here -  but not necessarily some old guy waving his snake at you.
Yes, welcome to Broad Ripple.

Today, Tam got there first - she was easy to find -  look for tall blond sitting at a table of cool camera stuff.  A camera with steam gauges.  I love it!

Drinks of course are on the schedule.

Pooka - a tart, almost sour beer brewed with boysenberry.

As Jed Clampett would say"Yea Doggies that's good!"  I could have had several but the last time I had too much beer at Brugge there was an incident involving someone flinging a mussel shell on a passing hippy on the trail that could have ended badly

That was followed  up by a meat, pate, cheese and fruit plate.
and hangar steak with pomme frites.

There was lots of catching up to do, with conversations on recent shooty outings.  After hearing about Tam's shooty fun lately, about all I could add was  "I did see a box of 22 LR and almost got to touch it!"

It's been sort of crazy busy the last few months and I've not been to the range but for basic proficiency in the last six months.

Then we traded the usual technical information.  I taught her all about Alarm Clock Bombs (Homeland security - such things simply involve  noisy neighbors, a large battery powered Chinese alarm clock  set to o'dark early. and some duct tape).

And I learned there are a million ways to die in the Frontlines universe though there seems to be no guidance document.  (Really?  Not even one of those yellow and black "Dummy" guides?)

Seriously good times catching up on our favorite authors, friends and family activities.
Broad Ripple was busy with people and cars and bikes.
And all sorts of things that probably have their own story to tell.
As the river gently flowed we said goodbye-- planning on another outing in the near future.
I'd be more excited to see you if you hadn't forgotten my pomme frites and hangar cow.

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  1. You saw .22LR?
    I'd only heard rumors of it's existence.


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