Monday, May 4, 2015

Sleeping Dogs and their Toys

I'm all moved into the new crash pad.  Even with most of my things at the Range - there was still a lot of books, kitchen stuff and furniture to move.  Today - drapes and pictures to hang, a clean up of the previous place  then some much needed sleep.

Abby is keeping her toys close by (she did not like it when I packed them up and left with them) and I have internet again so life is good.

Some posting to follow after a good night's sleep.



  1. LOL. She guards her toys like Belle did when I first got her and started giving her stuff. Once they realize that that wonderful stuff is really theirs, don't even think about touching it.

  2. She needs a bigger bed - poor thing has to sleep on the edge!

  3. It, too, is an ongoing game here. We pick them up - the puppy takes them out. Applies to partially devoured rawhide bones, too!
    Glad you are almost done - moving is such a pain.

    Get some well-deserved rest!



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