Friday, June 19, 2015


For those occasional lousy days, followed by  bad hair, bad breath mornings, when your furry best friend let's you know you are absolutely the most beautiful, important thing in the world.

I miss you Barkley - on each and every morning.


  1. One never gets over the loss of a pet...

  2. Isn't it just nuts how a particular dog can get to you like that? My golden died six years ago and sometimes I'd swear I can still feel his tail brush against my leg.

  3. They come into your life and wiggle their way into your heart, and after they pass, they don't leave you...... (our dog was named Bristow)

  4. We all miss him, Brigid......


  5. what drjim said!


    (PS - I just nominated you on Laginappe's Lair to be the new money chick! - I was HIS idea...)

  6. I miss Barkley too. No dog that I have never met has moved me like your dog did.


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