Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Thought on Gun Free Zones

It was a quiet morning as I walked into the little restaurant and bakery, where most mornings I stopped for a coffee and sometimes a muffin.  I ate lunch there as well, it being not far from where I worked.  I quietly asked for the manager and handed her my customer card.  She looked surprised, not understanding, as I had no purchase in my hand.  I simply said. "since as a concealed carry customer, I'm not welcome here, I will take my business elsewhere." and just as quietly, left.

She probably was surprised, as I think people have an image of who carries a weapon for self defense, and it's not a fair skinned redheaded grandmother. Sure, I'm welcome in an official capacity, but that is not the point. The point is protection, off duty, as the criminally deranged aren't going to heed their request.

I remember this Far Side cartoon where two middle aged women in a car, are slowing to look at a hitchiker, one with a hook for a hand, I think and one says to the other something to the effect of "where's your sense of adventure".

It's not always that easy.  Evil often wears the face of an angel.

Our local theater is now "gun free", which simply means that in addition to paying too much for popcorn, I'm a fish in a barrel for anyone that wants to walk in and harm me. The mall is also a "gun free zone".

So I avoid it like the black plague  "gun free zones" and hit locally owned places, smaller stores that appreciate my business, concealed or not. Malls are scary enough as it is, sale racks of ugly ties, teenagers with credit cards wearing baggy pants a Kodiak bear could fit into, tacos at the food court.
Go there without a means to protect myself.? No thank you.

Gun free. Think about it. Think about some famous gun free places.

Columbine High School.
New York City pizza shop.
Pearl Mississippi High School.
Luby's Cafeteria.
The Amish school in Pennsylvania.

We can now add the horror that was an outing for friends and families in Aurora, Colorado  and a peaceful church in South Carolina to the list.  And the list goes on and on, especially if you add in the mass murders in other  "gun free" countries.

Heller is a step in the right direction but we still have a long ways to go, and we need to continue to educate and inform. Guns aren't the evil here, people are the evil.  Certainly the media didn't fault Ryder truck regulations or ammonia nitrate restrictions, or a "cult of agriculture fertilizer" following Timothy McVeigh's horrific crime in Oklahoma City. No one debated the essential dangers of hardware and kitchen appliances after Jeffery Dahmer mutilated and consumed his victims or metal bedposts when Ted Bundy brutally raped and murdered dozens of defenseless women. Ted Bundy never used a gun; unfortunately, neither did any of his victims.

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said- "The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

Nobel Economist Friedrich Hayek termed it a "fatal conceit" and some politicians have had a bad case of it, believing they can change the world with their God- like legal attestation as to what THEY think our rights are. But the fatal conceit is not metaphoric, it's literal. People die because social-control laws do not stop criminals but simply prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and those under their care. 
The crime records in cities that outlaw handguns to law abiding citizen speaks clearly. When I have been in Europe, where controls are strong, I  heard on the news of more than one break in urban areas involving a criminal and a weapon, including an illegal gun, the residents raped, robbed or beaten, no chance to defend themselves. The criminals have guns, that is a given, for laws do not change behavior in those that disregard all law, they only provide consequences.

So "gun control" only "controls" law abiding adults who don’t need to be controlled. Arguments for gun control build their basis on a lie. The National Coalition to Ban Handguns claims, "most murders are committed by previously law abiding citizens," and there are other articles asserting such falsehoods without any supporting references other than going back to their own earlier articles. University of Colorado criminologist Desmond Elliott summarized violent crime studies dating back to the 1800s: "the vast majority of persons involved in life-threatening violence have a long criminal record". Professor Elliott’s summary was written in he 1990s.

More recent recent criminological studies from the Hastings Law Journal (University of California at San Francisco): "Only 15% of Americans have criminal records. But more than 90 percent of murderers do. Murderers’ crime careers average six or more years’ length and including four major adult felonies, not counting their often extensive juvenile records".

In summary, guns or no guns, those that commit the more serious violent crimes are not the ordinary law abiding responsible adults. This is so invariably found by homicide studies that is is considered a "criminological axiom" that almost all that commit violent crimes are long term criminals or the criminally insane.

But people still wish that many public retail, worship or gathering places be gun free, saying "it's a better place without guns". How is a place better where the weak have no chance against predators? There are places like that, I've visited them throughout the world, places without guns for self defense for survival, where women and children huddle in the back bedrooms in terror, surviving only by submission to their degradation.

When only the peaceable people obey the gun laws, the law's protection is futilely limited. Compare Chicago and Indianapolis, both cities in which  I  work and live. Chicago has 3 times the population of Indianapolis. But, so in the year before concealed carry was finally allowed  it had 5 times the murder rate.  Both are Midwest cities, both have unemployment and gangs.  The difference , as I see it? In Indianapolis you can carry a concealed weapon to defend yourself and the bad guys know it.  Compare that to Chicago, where concealed carry was only recently allowed. By every testament of the anti gun crowd, Chicago should have been the safest city on the planet. Tell that to the 62 year old grandfather who was beaten to death by three teens that year while he was out collecting cans to help buy his wife a new dress to wear to their son's wedding. Tell that to the young female restaurant worker who was beaten with a claw hammer and left for dead.  Their only crime was not having any sort of legal weapon of defense.

So until the next step is taken, I will not shop in gun free malls or gun free stores. I may be one lone woman, but I'm a lone consumer with a fair amount of discretionary income.  Add us all up, and that is some buying power.
Businesses may not care for my views, but they DO care about my buying power. They may not care if they lose the business of one, but I am one of many. I won't take my money any place that has the audacity to demand unarmed helplessness. I won't spend my money for businesses that support, even if indirectly, those that would take those rights from us. Guns themselves in the malls aren't going to cause my demise, any more than Ryder trucks cause terrorism, water causes drowning and forks cause obesity. Guns in the malls, guns in a store, only make me a victim when I'm the one that doesn't have one. They're not "gun free" they are "good-guy gun free" zones.

Academically and professionally, I've studied the insanity of fate and the methodology of greed and evil. It has a plan and a preferred environment where its prey can not fight back. Embrace the facts and spread the word, take your business elsewhere. And tell them why.


  1. We have, or should I say had, one liberal in our small congregation.
    She stayed with Scherie when she was home post surgery on two occasions. She drove Scherie to doctors appointments with our car which I had left with her the night before. Scherie would take her to lunch.
    We learned that her son could not get a bus to work on the weekends. This seriously impinge on their finances as she was on disability.
    I let them use our Taurus on weekends and we drove the Ranger.
    At one point she discovered that Scherie had a .357 in her purse.
    She told us that from now on, if she needed to get the car from us (?!?) she would ride the bus (she could never walk from the stop to our house) to our house, rather than us pick her up with guns on us.
    She would no longer attend our church if we took our guns in to the House of the Lord.
    I did not let her know that after I started carrying, the rest of the congregation had begun to carry, with the pastors permission, to church.
    I will not be manipulated like that.
    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  2. A whole bunch of things. Nobody can violate you/ your constitution. I can put a sign in my door saying gun free, but whose rights am I violating?
    Next thing, morality does not come from a law as Moses found out. Morality comes from within.
    Now who is being offended?
    Sidebar, the Aurora shooting was in a haven for gangs and the shooter knew it, wearing a bullet proof vest.
    The economic impact of not engaging with businesses will have more effect then words then it has to start somewhere.

    good post

    1. It was a tactical vest. It wasn't bulletproof at all. The MSM is a business. It only matters who reports first. Facts not required.

  3. I agree with you completely. You have said all of this so much better than I ever could have. I also don't shop, don't spend money or do anything in a "gun free zone. The jeweler seemed surprised at Christmas time when I hit the buzzer to enter , saw the new "No Guns" sign, and headed back to the car. When she followed me out to the car thinking that she had not buzzed me in quickly enough, I told her that I was not welcome as a concealed carry holder. She asked if I could leave the gun in the car. I told her that it would be unwise and unsafe to leave the weapon in the car, even with a security system in it. It would also leave me, and everyone else there unprotected. I finished my Christmas shopping on Ebay and on Amazon, and they won't see me again.

  4. We walked away from several car dealers because of their "no guns" signs. Of course, we gave them one of those "no guns, no money" cards. Didn't return to see if the signs came down, but the campaign has been semi-successful in the past.

  5. Beautifully said. You are "just" one, but you are not the only one. :)

    After being out of the area in which Costco has stores, I recently went in and purchased a membership, thinking now we can get the "deals" since we're finally near one again. I had a child with me and a mental list to tackle, so I made the mistake of not reading all of the fine print before handing over my money, getting my shiny new membership card and heading off to buy groceries. I recently sat down to read the slip I was handed and at the bottom saw that Costco's policy prohibits the carry of firearms. I'll be heading down tomorrow to do exactly what you described above - I'll be letting the management know that it's nothing wrong with their store or their employees, but their corporate policy, that is costing them my membership money. Additionally I've let my parents know about it - they've been loyal Costco members for a good couple of decades and will not be renewing their membership, and will be letting management at their store know why as well.

  6. Half Price Books too? If they're like those here, they're posted. I haven't stopped shopping there yet. But I think about it each time I go in. It'd be hard for me to give that store up, but maybe I should.

  7. Well said, I just wish more people understood.

  8. As we fall further into Heinlein's "Crazy Times", I'm carrying everywhere I can. I phoned a local beanery that put up a no-guns sign. The manager was apologetic, but the owners had insisted on the sign.

    Funny, it doesn't seem nearly as crowded as before.

  9. Even stronger than a "no guns, no money" card, or the return of a customer loyalty card, is a month's worth of receipts from a competitor, mailed directly to someone in a decision making capacity. Similar campaigns in my area have changed several retailers' stance on posting.

  10. Those signs seem to be popping up all over. I broke a tooth last year and had to find a new dentist. Made my appointment on the insurance site. Went to dentist. There, in the lower corner of the entry is the gun with a line through it along with a gun free zone note. No, I never go to the dentist packing, but, it is idiotic and demeaning to have the sign. I did get my tooth patched up and am currently seeking a different dentist. I simply don't like rewarding businesses with that sign with my business. I have walked away from stores and restaurants, but it never occurred to me to point out to the business owner the why of it. What a great idea.

  11. As I age, I'm more grateful for the good folks that do carry. I can't imagine supporting a business that prohibits the good guys from carrying. I will not only refuse to spend my money with anti-gun/2nd amendment liberals, but I will add a generous helping of vocal abuse every opportunity I have. That includes my idiot neighbors that still shop at those places.

  12. I know someone who tends to play both sides. They share their disdain for those who would ignore their rights, and carry (sometimes illegally) regardless.
    And tell management/ownership abut their concerns.
    If they continue to spend money there, it's probably because they are weak and hypocritical.

    Tacos at the food court?
    Where is your sense of adventure? :-P

  13. As always, very well said. I have a penchant for sewing (I can be a girl! No really, I can!!!) I have an entire room in my house dedicated to my two machines (one is for canvas, after all, I have a boat), one for sewing men's shirts and my pants. Ergo I buy a lot of fabric over a year's time.

    I no longer shop at JoAnn's fabrics. I have heard from some that, "Well, since your firearm is concealed, who will know?"

    *I* will know.

    I will know that they do not want me to feel 'comfortable and safe' in their store. They do not care at all about my personal safety. So I will not break the law (for it is a law in Texas if the sign is properly displayed and legal in verbiage), to protect their customers. I am law-abiding.

    I will note that the store nearest to me has since pulled down their sign. It could be that the outside mall they are in has an overall policy. Still, because there hasn't been any public retraction of their position, I'll shop elsewhere. Online!!! But not JoAnn's online.

    No more movies. Won't eat at Chipotle's. Lots of businesses will no longer get our money. I dislike Walmart but they are still in line with 'carrying', so there are things I can get there that I cannot get elsewhere. Home Depot gets my business. They don't let their employees be armed, but I will help protect them.

    When in January Texas goes to open carry, I probably never will, but I would bet lots of folks WILL, if nothing else, to prove a point. Those with concealed carry licenses are NOT criminals. We are the least likely group of any group to commit a crime. But then, you know that.

    On the other hand, my dear husband said "When you go to the boat, you're going to carry a 50 cal Desert Eagle In a holster on your hip when you go out at night with the dog. How cool is my husband??

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan

  14. here in Michigan, it is illegal to carry into a store posted no carry. I would hate to have to use my firearm in a self defense situation in that store, then try to explain why I had it on me when I knew it was illegal. I know, the argument goes, I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six, but it is much easier to just avoid those places altogether and shop where you are wanted.
    open carry is legal here in Mi, but it is only seen on occasion, however, people don't freak out quite as much as they used to.

  15. I do the same, here in Michigan. Thanks for another well said message of truth.

  16. We fight the good fight, Brigid, and I have come to believe the fight never ends. Tomorrow we start planning for the next season of THE BEST DEFENSE, and once again we will hammer "gun free zones" over and over.

    As always, a beautifully written and perfectly on target post!


    Michael B

  17. Great post. I agree with almost everything. I do think there is more to Chicago's violence than the fact that concealed carry was only recently passed here. As a Democratic stronghold the perpetual cycle of poverty and dependance runs rampant. When you have a cycle that is so misery stricken there is no respect for life. Then there's the small fact that Chicago is so absolutely corrupt and has been for so long. Anytime there is any sort of election it almost makes me ill since the state is constantly having to go with the whims of Chicago residents.

    Off the Chicago rant. I applaud you for your stance. I applaud you even more for sharing your stance with the coffee shop manager. G-d help her in a hold up.

  18. John Stuart Mill: "Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."

    Albert Einstein: ""The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it."

    Plato: "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

  19. Well said, and I need some more of those cards... sigh

  20. People who object to weapons aren't abolishing violence,
    they're begging for rule by brute force, when the biggest,
    strongest animals among men were always automatically
    'right.' Guns ended that, and social democracy is a hollow
    farce without an armed populace to make it work.

    L. Neil Smith (b. 1946)
    The Probability Broach

  21. The government won't be happy until all the good citizens give up their guns and then the only ones armed will be the thugs.


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