Friday, July 10, 2015

Character vs. Beauty

Several of us own things, in our shop, in our homes, that strangers would only politely say if they saw them, "well that has character", even as they went on to exclaim as to the beauty of some other trinket without real use or function.

It's man's nature. Beauty awakens the souls natural response to living. Man acts on it as we know it is rare, and yet , it is usually a fleeting gift, sometimes with no other value.

Beauty may coexist with character, even as it can be absent of it, blinding us to that fact with its promise.

Character, as well, may be totally bereft of beauty, possessing no more than what is necessary for dependability, its light hidden.

Beauty is uplifting, but when cunning and wisdom is betrayed by evil and ice, gravity and fire, beauty may be as empty as a promise.

Character is calm, the ability to function and endure even with the foreknowing of defeat.

Beauty is the promise of satisfaction, character is the affirmation.

When faced with hard choices, evil thundering towards you to crash loudly into your world, what would you reach for?

Would you reach for the beautiful firearm that sits on the shelf to be admired or the one on your hip. The one unmarked, polished and perfect from its protective possession or the plain and well traveled one with a few scuffs and dings. The one pristine or the one with marks of your courage, etched into the very wood and steel, not to instill envy, but for the hurt and pride and liberty for which men long ago gave their lives for.

I know which one I'd reach for.



  1. And sometimes beauty and function merge, and the result? The BBQ gun!

  2. The weapon which will save your life will not be the one in a display case, it will not be the one on a padded wooden box, it will not be locked in a safe.

    The weapon that will save your life is the one you "strap on" every day, the one you are comfortable with in your hand and at the range, the one you look at every day with as much love and respect as you would give a family member.

    It might be old; it might be somewhat the worse for wear, but there's where you put your money when the chips are down!

  3. "Beauty is the promise of satisfaction, character is the affirmation." That quote is good enough to steal.

    "I know which one I'd reach for." can be improved slightly, though. The passive voice suggests hesitancy. I think you meant to write "I know which one I will reach for."

  4. "Beauty is the promise of satisfaction, character is the affirmation."
    At the risk of sounding as Rev. Paul, AMEN!

    And thanks for the insightful post!


  5. If the discussion is weapons, the answer is obvious.
    I wouldn't want to take the chance of dinging that expensive cabinet queen.

    When it comes to life, I look at beauty and suspect it. The airbrushed photo, the skillful makeup, the calculated pose.
    I'll take character.
    My wife who will support me, correct me, back me up in a fight.
    The friend who will do the same with the scars to prove it.


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