Friday, August 7, 2015

Abby's Out-take on the Debate

Abby, for lack of anything better to do last night, watched the Debate.

Rather than provide comments, I think I'll let her expressions sum up what she thought of it,.

That pretty well covers it Abby.  Everyone have a fun Friday night!


  1. I couldn't agree more. Good call Abby.

  2. And here I thought a bowel movement was going to be involved! Or vomiting.
    or the voiding of a bladder.
    These were pretty much MY reactions, and I didn't even watch! :-)


  3. Does Abby agree with Old_NFO (,

    " the time it was over, all I could come up with were dog analogies…Bush- Labrador"?

  4. How did you get her to sit still that long? :)


  5. Old AFSarge - Abby's a smart dog.

    Guffaw - hehehehehe

    JoeMama - I will go check that out.

    Merle Morrison - she'll do about anything for a sweet potato and bison dog treat!

  6. She has such a sweet face! It reflects her capacity for tolerance.


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