Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Barkley Memories - The LOVE-seat

This little couch was on a sun porch in the house I bought when I moved to the Midwest. It overlooking a large retaining pond as well as a prolific flower garden.

It was Barkley's favorite place to see, looking out on the water, the ducks. With windows on three sides of the little room, the other side open to the living room where I would spend my evenings, it was his favorite spot.  There were also other people he could sometimes see, a little neighbor girl who would go down near the waters edge while her Mom looked on, shouting out "Aflac!" to the ducks, which always cracked me up.
There would occasionally be two boys that would fish there behind my fence, after they asked if it was OK.  I agreed, they were little boys who lived down the road, the water edge being on my property, not theirs. I don't know if they ever caught anything but they had fun, and Barkley would also go out to get his head scratched though the chain link fence.

This is also the spot from which he launched himself that night when the teens were smoking on my property and I told him "Barking good!" a story which those of you who have read the Book of Barkley will remember. Good times.

I gave this couch to a friends daughter when she got her first apartment and was I was selling my house.  It certainly had a lot of dog hair on it, but was still in good shape, but in downsizing I didn't need it.

I look at it,  in pictures now, and I look at him, and am still in wonder at a creature who looked on the entire world with a happy and incorrigible  conviction of the inherent goodness in all people.  That yard was his whole world, from which he barked equally at geese, teenagers, and squirrels.  If I close my eyes, I can still see him as I called him back in, running as fast as he could across the expanse, the vain stippling of shadows across the green grass, suddenly broken by a moving dashed line of black, running  back to me, back to his escaped shape of love.

And HIS couch.  For it ceased to be mine when I moved it home, even though I tried to keep him off of it by putting pillows or other objects on it.

Don't ask, don't tell.


  1. Such beautiful memories of your friend.

    1. Tewshooz - thank you I have that orange collar in a wooden box that contains a newspaper from the day Partner and I wed, the deflated balloons my brother bought when I came home as he was dying, and some dried flower petals that have memories to intimate to share.

      I open that box and I cry, but they are healing, cleansing tears.

  2. Doggone it, Brigid.....I have tears in my eyes now.....

  3. 'The LOVE Seat'
    Now I've Jack Jones' The Love Boat theme stuck in my head, with different words!


  4. I never met Barkley, but think a person blessed if they have one such pet in their lifetime.

  5. He was a beautiful Lab! I've had Labs most of my life, bunch of wonderful animals, but none of them seem to have matched Barkley's just plain beauty. Maybe I wasn't looking close enough. I'm doing fine and working on another missive to do with the 20 year sojourn in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club. Be Well . Everett

  6. We love you Barkley and always will. Say hello to Cochise and Dakota for me.


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