Sunday, September 20, 2015

Indy Arms Company - There's A New Range in Town

In all the years I was an Indiana native there was one thing I noticed of the area.  While there were a number of widely scattered conservation clubs and ranges to practice shooting sports, many were private, with one size fits all (and that size would be large), membership fees.  Others were outdoors (die mosquito DIE!) and of the few indoor ones, the one closest to me at the time gave me cooties every time I drove by (seriously, when you NEED to carry just to get from car to door, it's not the best neighborhood).  Others were only open to the public with limited hours, or they were not in a centrally convenient location for friends to join me to shop and shoot.

So I was very happy to hear that another indoor range had opened - this one close to where I hang out with friends.

Indy Arms Co. located in Marion County, it is not only a firearms retailer and a training center, but they have a top-notch indoor shooting range. There are an assortment of membership options, from the "I shoot just for proficiency" to "what do you mean you don't go to the range every week?"
Indoor shooting has always had some detractors. Some say - "the air quality is too bad, all the smoke and I don't want to be breathing that."  "OR  - it's not big enough and I don't want to wait an hour each time I show up."

Relax -  you won't have those concerns at Indy Arms Company.  They have a state of the art climate controlled HEPA air filtered system that removes 99,7% of the particulants from the air and lots of room with one 50 foot six land public range and another 75 foot six lane range for training and tactical classes. Each  lane features blast shields to help keep noise and muzzle blast from neighboring stalls contained.  Each lane is equipped with electronically controlled target retrieval system (no more standing around with your zombie target full of holes waiting for the range to go "cold" so you can put up another one). It also allows you to set the exact distance you wish to shoot with LED lighting that you can control for just YOUR lane.
Yes, I really do have zombie targets.

There's a seasoned Range Officer there and the check in desk has a large monitor that covers the range area so they can see if a customer needs assistance in any way.  Plus, it's surprisingly quiet, with the latest in construction options all around to muffle sound.

But one thing that stands out among other retailer/ranges I've been to that are open to the public full time - the welcoming atmosphere that is part of their business culture, not just a sign on the wall. The staff is friendly, and more than knowledgeable - with a background not only strong in both firearm knowledge and use, but in all aspects of the firearm customer service experience, from purchasing to training.
Women who are totally new to shooting, whether for self protection or for sporting activities, are welcomed as valued customers  No one is going to try and sell you a pink gun (unless you really want one) or give you the eye roll when you ask to see something in .45 and a .380 is suggested for your "little girl hand" (yes, that's happened to me more times than I care to recall).  Men and women of all ages and their families are welcome to Indy Arms.

They also have a section of carry accessories for women, with belts that are more stylish then the average holster hanger, of good quality.  There's also a collection of carry handbags including some of the finely crafted carry bags from available within the store.
For everyone -  there's all sort of unisex carry hardware, and a nice selection of holsters.  No empty shelves here folks, just good quantities of quality products.

Need Training? - Indy arms has a full line of N RA training courses from the total beginner to someone wishing to improve tactical self defense skill sets.  There are also classes geared specifically towards women if you wish to train with other like-minded women in a relaxed and respected manner.  Whether you are a first time shooter or an expert - there is training you will find fun and rewarding.

Another plus.  There is more than one of us that's been less than successful at times with repairing or field stripping a new weapon.  (don't even ask me about the first time I took apart my Ruger Mark III)
So sometimes it's nice to have someone you trust to provide gunsmithing services or properly clean a firearm that you may not have the tools to do so yourself.  Indy Arms can provide that service.

So stop in and say hello to Indy Arms Company owner Rick Cass and his staff. Whether it's a firearm purchase or training, it's the place to go if you want a welcoming, state of the art facility where customer service and technology merge to provide a first class experience.

They are located at the corner of Tacoma and 55th street - just east of Keystone.