Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lab Work

 I'm packing up the truck the next three nights to take the next to the last load of stuff from crash pad to home Saturday. Considering that 4 years ago I had 3000+ square feet and I now have a one bedroom crash pad with much of my belongings at the 1200 sq. foot Range, you'd think I'd have gotten rid of more and not have so many boxes, but I ended up with at least 3 truck loads in the extended cab, with a few things in the bed with my garage and "hobby" stuff. So, until I get time to breathe, a little bit of silliness with Abby Normal the Lab. - Cheers - Brigid

Hey, where are Mom and Dad and what is with the plate?
 Something smells SO Yummy!
 It's big meat Frisbees!
 I know I'm supposed to stay OUT of the kitchen but my back legs are still in the dining room so it doesn't count!
Yummy Yummy hamburger.  I wonder if Mom knows.
 MMM - I hope they're all for me.
 I bow before you Oh Great and Powerful Hamburger.
I have some great dog friends, 
but I think I have a NEW best friend. 
Let me introduce you to Patty.
MMMM - a double cheese burger for Dad, because he worked hard all day, and a single for Mom. 
Mom didn't put any salt, pepper or garlic in hers
 so I could have a BIG bite.  Life is good!


  1. LOL, good thing you didn't turn your back there... :-0

  2. the pictures especially her salivating

  3. In another life, had a knee-high black shorthair mongrel, and a Spitz. They always wanted to join us in the kitchen/eating area. They were allowed as long as they didn't beg or annoy.
    But, when they did, it was "Go Away!".
    They would retreat precisely to the pocket doors separating the eating and living areas, and lay there.
    Of course, if they had been begging, it was "Get out of my sight!", and they'd go hide under the bed.
    I miss Ilsa and Nessie...


  4. LOL.. Gonna spoil that dog. But then again, she deserves spoiling.


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