Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Squirrel Days

Secret Squirrel pops out of bed, ready to start the day.
First, a little walk to get the blood circulating.
A few reps on the workout bench.
This is NOT a yoga pose, I'm stuck.
I think I see the neighbors up, Looks like they have power as well after the big storm.
What do you mean the basement  has water in it?
I wouldn't look down there if I were  you.

Morning comes early here with Partner getting up a little after 5 and I following.

Fortunately, today I get to work from home.  Time to don my professional telework attire.
No, not my Alma mater, but it's soft and comfy and gets the occasional smile.
I still have time for breakfast!
Greek yogurt with granola, fruit and  Best Corn Muffins Ever
The morning went pretty quick, a lot of work accomplished with the quiet.  Let's see, I'll mark out where the witnesses were standing using Gumby and Pokey (no, that'd go over as well as the interrogatories with hand puppets).

Time to stay focused and serious.
Then time for something to eat while Abby's dog walker comes by to take her out for half an hour while I have my lunch break.

It's not particularly photogenic, but it's  a very tasty and healthy spiced meat sandwich with homemade Tzatziki (garlic/dill/mint/greek yogurt) sauce on homemade tortillas, leftover from dinner last night.

Abby napped after lunch on the futon in front of my desk
While I made a phone call to someone I needed a report from. . .
and put together a hundred tiny, seemingly unrelated details to form a story.
Before you know it, it was after 5, I was off the clock and Partner would be home within an hour or two.  Dinner was  just sometime I whipped up out of leftovers, not using a recipe and it turned out really good.  Honey Cashew Chicken.
Then it was time to take Abby out for a walk. . . 
"Did you say walk?  Or Bacon?  They sound the same."

while Partner tallies up the e-Postal scores so the scores can be posted.  We've got some pretty interesting entries and the top score hasn't been determined yet, but I have to say, it was impressive that one young lady got all ten shots on paper with a smooth bore, (but there isn't much paper left after you put 10 rounds of .765 caliber balls through it).

Before you know it, it will  be time for sleep again, but we are safe (two tornadoes in one week), well fed, and the basement is looking more "shop" and less "I need an ark".
It was not the most exciting of days you'll find in the blogosphere, but it was a good, productive day. We can't ask for much more than that, unless it's for friends to join us on the journey.