Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Dogs Black Friday

For Barkley as well as those dogs that belonged to our friends, Schmoo, Max, Angus Fala, Nugget the Wonder Beagle™, Henry, Stanzie, Cody, Cinderella, Bart, Mya, Beau, Dietzman Long, Bailey, Oceana, Ming, Phantom. We miss you always but especially at the holidays when your presence near the table warmed your family's hearts.  On this Black Friday - we raise a toast to you with a little poem.

May you be free from anything but joy until we meet again, and may your humans find comfort in your memory.

Shadows fall in their swift and silent passage
echoing the last word of our common fate 
The sorrow of the world surrounds us
carried upon chill air like smoke 
Let us pour a dram of scotch
as our solitude  descends
We drink the smoke in 
so sorrow may sleep



  1. Beautiful, Brigid. Our best friends just don't live long enough.

  2. Duchess, my first, 6 weeks old when I was 6 months old. Rocky, when our kids were young. And Jordan, my last.


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