Saturday, November 7, 2015

Follow the Faint Light - On Beliefs

Two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth;
and second, he courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead.
Karl Von Clausewitz

I think that quote sums up best my thoughts today with everything going on in the world.

I've had people ask "Are you a Tea Party Member? I say "No". They say "Oh, then are you Republican?" I say "No". Libertarian? "No". . . (gasp) "Democrat?" "No" (actually, hell no).

I am simply a conservative American, the granddaughter of legal immigrants, a woman, a mother, someone who has given up 15 years of her life in service to her flag, her president and her country (even if I won't always agree with them). I was raised by a member of the Military and embraced the values of a country Dad was willing to give his life for.  I believe that the first quality of a Patriot is, and always will be, courage.

I am not one political party any more than I am one stereotype. I am  simply the face of one American, an American that believes in our Constitution and the Principles on which this country was founded. How I think may not be the way you think or others think, but then again, when I step in that voting booth it is only my hand pulling the lever. And I will pull it, believing in these things.

If I don't like guns, I do not own one.

I don't demand you hand yours over.

However, I believe that the lawful, proficient possession of a firearm makes me better able to defend my own life.

I don't think it makes me a potential killer of the innocent.

If I want the things my neighbor has, I work harder.

I don't demand they "share the wealth".

If I make a mistake, I try and own up to it.

I don't blame it on some conspiracy.

If I don't like what someone, brave enough to speak with their name behind it, says, I don't listen.

I don't demand their silence.

I do not believe that my color or gender makes me better than you, any more than it makes someone noble or victimized.

I don't believe any group should have special advantages to make up for wrongs of past generations.

I believe that if you can't read a ballot in the English language, you shouldn't get to decide who will be running the most powerful nation on earth for the next four years.

I think if I have to show I.D. to cash a check at the Piggly Wiggly, I should have to show it to vote.

I believe it takes two loving people to raise a child.

I don't believe it takes a village.

I believe in Peace Thru Superior Firepower

I don't believe we can all get along.

I believe that government is here to provide the freedom to pursue my goals.

I don't believe that government is here to make sure no one is in need.

I believe I should be empowered to work out my own problems.

I don't believe someone else should solve my problems for me.

I believe if you want to dine on tofu that's perfectly all right.

I'll be having a hamburger though.

I have lived long enough to be poor, homeless, and unemployed at one time in my life.

I never once expected taxpayers to buy me a plasma TV and a smartphone


I believe the right to pursue happiness means the right to fail.

I don't believe bailouts of the greedy and the inept are a solution.

I think that jobs, college quotas and promotions should be based on ability, work ethic and merit.

I think discrimination against a white male is as abhorrent as discrimination against a black female.

The ONLY bonus points in hiring should be for veterans. Period.

I wish to live in a country founded on the principles of our founders, God, Trust and Freedom..

I don't wish us to be more like Europe, with big parking lots.

I believe that if I see a tabloid publication that has an article about Bigfoot spotted at Target and Aliens having lunch with Hillary and Bill Clinton, it's not the truth.

I believe that too many Americans would buy both the Alien and the Bigfoot story if it was on TV and a news anchor with really shiny teeth said it.

I believe that new laws for increased taxes on the job creators that already pay the biggest majority of taxes in this country makes about as much sense as the Ancient Romans using Lions to encourage Christians to tithe more.

I think my country should keep its border secure, it's citizens safe from foreign attack and use my tax dollars for the base essentials of keeping the working parts of America - working.

As to my personal life and personal choices that harm no others - that's none of their business.

I don't believe free health care is a human right.

Man's primary right, the right to his own life, establish all others, including the rights to select and pursue his or her own values, and to dispose of these values, once gained, without duress. That includes power over who I see for any medical care and who decides what care I can get.

I think you can politely disagree with me and that is Freedom of Speech.

I don't think because someone disagrees with me they are automatically an idiot. That always remains to be seen.

- Brigid


  1. Sounds largely libertarian (small L) to me, Brig.
    But, you don't have to label yourself on anyone else's say so.
    Was it Oliver Wendell Holmes - 'the right to be left alone"?


  2. "I don't wish us to be more like Europe, with big parking lots."

    I'm stealing that one.

  3. good post. I agree on all points.


  4. You are right on target. Let's just hope more people like you (and me) show up at the voting booth next November.

  5. Its too bad the majority don't share these beliefs! The country would be a lot better if if this were true.


  6. Clearly an infinity better candidate than the current lot. You've got my vote!

  7. During the past few years there are four words in the English language I've come to abhor. The first of that infamous four is the word democrat and the second is republican. The third the word is liberal and the last is the word conservative. I'm an American, I don't have to be either of those and yet on occasion I must be all four. We are all human so there will always be differences of opinion and perspective when we are at the table to right a wrong, advance an idea or punish a crime. As Americans we are obliged to come to that table in the spirit of negotiation and compromise. Naive? I don't think so. We have an example of the chaos that can occur when people in an organization are labeled and lumped together and that example is the United States government.

  8. Spot on, Brigid.

    If some brave spirit stood up and declared these items to be their platform, I and I believe a majority of Americans, would cast their rock solid vote with them.

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan

  9. There is not one single thing here that I disagree with, and I have a hard time believing there is a legitimate reason for any rational person to want to disagree.

  10. I have also had people try to affix me with a "Republican" or "Tea Party" label. That's because it's hard to control individuals. It's easier to control groups. So groups are defined, and labels created for them. Those who wish to control associate various kinds of behaviors and beliefs to that label. If you exhibit any of the behaviors or beliefs associated with that label, those who would control others assign you that label and then claim that all of those attributes fit you.

    That permits dehumanizing you. Then they can countenance doing things to you that would otherwise make no sense - and would be revolting (if you did it to them).

    Here are the doctrinal points that put you beyond the pale:

    "I don't believe any group should have special advantages to make up for wrongs of past generations."

    "I don't believe that government is here to make sure no one is in need."

    "I think discrimination against a white male is as abhorrent as discrimination against a black female."



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