Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Fixin's

I teleworked today, and adjusted my lunch to run some errands before the sun went away and the snow hit (I can take up to an hour and a half lunch, I just have to add the extra work time so I get in a full 8 hours.)  I stopped at a Polish deli and butcher that's only a village or so away, got the truck cleaned up, then headed on back towards home.
With the sun out, a storm pending and Thanksgiving coming up it was crazy out there.  I was tempted to just park the bat truck and "assume the position".

But no, I needed to hurry on home so I could . . . . wait for another train.
It wasn't long until the clouds were bunching up and the temperature had dropped to the low 40's.  It's a good night for comfort food. 

This is a little different than the ultra creamy mac and cheese many of you know and love.  Made with either a warm or cold custard (I've done it both ways) with eggs, and made with a mild mixture of American and Cheddar, it bakes into a creamy casserole you cut into squares. The traditional southern Mac and Cheese is made with Velveeta, but we prefer ours  with American, sliced fresh at my grocers deli.  It's very good hot or cold and reminds me of meals from childhood.
Of course, the ones from childhood weren't covered in bacon, but hey, it's my kitchen.

And there WILL be dessert.

Mini pistachio cream pies