Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Be Warned If you Faint at the Sight of Stuffing

Brigid:  "Abby - What's that on the floor?"
My stuffie  - it 's been injured
Can you fix him Dad?
I don't want Mr. Moose to have to go to the pile of deaded stuffies in the closet.
Good - the emergency room is open
That's a nasty wound there behind his antler.
Dr. Dad can fix that.
It will just take some thread.
Is he OK Dad?
Please hurry - I want my stuffie back.
Slow. small stitches take FUREVER.
Insurance? - sure - it covers Lab Work and Cat Scans.  What?  Not stuffie surgery?
Are you sure you are licensed to practice stuffie surgery?
Holy Cow Dad - I could have done a triple bypass in the time this has taken
Mom - maybe he needs an assistant.
I'll just stare at you until you are done.

And snoot your arm if you don't pay attention.
What's that?  You found another injury? And in a "delicate place"  ??
Oh Uh.
What do you mean Dad -  "Abby ripped him a new one."  ??
Thanks Dr. Dad, for fixing both injuries. I can't pay you but Mom made you a sandwich.
Mr. Moose is resting comfortably with Mr. Gator in Post Op.


  1. I remember when Schmoo and Barkley did that with a real squirrel.....

  2. The a-gig-gator is a prized toy here. Love the storyline.

  3. Hahaha!

    Great post. Love the look on Abby's face.

  4. J. just bought Lola another hedgehog yesterday. Seems chi-hoo-a-hooas like hedgehogs.
    I think we have 5, in various states of repair.
    Plus about 30 other stuffies.
    Walking into the kitchen requires skill, lest the cripple slips and falls!
    As they have planned...

  5. There are times that I really wish blogs at buttons like Facebook. I'd be inserting a big old thumbs up or smile on this. Loved it!


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