Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cloudy with a Chance of Bacon

We've had just one dusting of snow so far this year, and today, walking Abby the lab we only wore sweaters.

Let me rephrase that, we ALSO wore pants, but sweaters were our only outer wear.  But being next to one of the Great Lakes, we could wake up and have 3 feet of snow tomorrow.  You never know, as some things just can't be planned.

Seeing as how I'm working in a new facility now, I had to fill out  some paperwork for our Administrative Officer,  updating next of kin information and where my dental records are (the joys of sometimes being in situations where they might have to actually USE your dental records).

Dad was still  listed as emergency contact.  Dad's age and current  health would prevent him for coordinating things if I were to have a mishap ("honestly Sir, had we known she was stockpiling coffee creamer we'd not have picked that materials test involving the flamethrower").  SO, I had to update that.

Then I noticed that  now, there is a spot for "special instructions".

Hmmm. Let's see - Special Instructions.  "Should I permanently depart the fix, please contact Old NFO about coordinating a C-130 drop of 100 pounds of smoked bacon and a case or two of whisky into the Wake. Please make the drop from a safe altitude as my friends may have a range set up to do the bowling pin equivalent of a twelve gun salute.  By the way, if there is an emergency and you have to jettison the bacon early to decrease payload, please drop it on Iran.

But hopefully that day is a LONG way off and til then, we have other uses for bacon.

click to enlarge photo

What is better than succulent pork tenderloin, rubbed with cracked pepper and roasted?

That same tenderloin on top of mashed potatoes and smothered in Maple Bacon Gravy

Now gravy anything isn't exactly the stuff of blog photography goodness (why we don't see coffee table cookbooks on the Joy of Gravy).  But boy was it tasty.  With a  tenderloin (on sale $3.99), veggies bought in bulk, a bit of leftover bacon, with milk, soup stock and spices already on hand for other things, and mashed potatoes made from scratch, dinner was on the table in  less than an hour and at less than $3.00 a serving.

The gravy was awesome, with chicken stock, fresh milk,  Pure Maple syrup, Amish bacon and a seasoning blend including smoked paprika, onion, garlic,dill, lemon peel, cardamon and allspice with a pinch of red pepper added in.  Every one agreed it would also be really good on biscuits, waffles, fried chicken, hash browns, you name it.

So give it a try, for when you make something like this for supper you never know who might drop in.