Sunday, December 13, 2015

It would feel more like Christmas if it wasn't 62 degrees

But it's still the season.  Enjoy it.


  1. Warm weather during the Christmas (or Thanksgiving) holiday seems a contradiction in terms to those of us who grew up in most of the Lower 48. Friends from Hawaii to the contrary, it should be cold & snowing on Christmas. :)

  2. Dear Brigid - at 9 days to winter solstice - enjoy every minute above 32F we can get around here (my abode is roughly 1000 yards east of Lac Michigan and 20 miles north of the Indiana line.....and thank you for the wonderful writing and musings you choose to share. Merry Christmas!

  3. I just checked the National Weather Service, and it'll be colder tonight and tomorrow here than in Indy!


  4. Damn! Been in the 40's in the AM here...
    You stole our weather! :-)
    (Like the light disk)


  5. Merry Christmas, Brigid, from muggy Michigan. : )

  6. Here on San Juan Island, WA we have not had 10 days without rain since Oct. 1. So I guess I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas.


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