Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's More than Just the Dojo

I've studied karate a little bit. Enough to know most people can kick my butt. But, in addition to the physical conditioning, the philosophy of it has always fascinated me and I've found most of it applicable to self defense in any form. So for tonight while I'm busy wrapping presents and baking and you're probably busy with travel and such - a little review.

20 Shotokan Karate Philosophy precepts:

1) Karate training is more than just the dojo

2) Training begins and ends with a bow of respect

3) Never attack first unnecessarily

4) The practioner follows a just route

5) Know about yourself before you can know others

6) Spiritual development is the first focus, and then later technical ability

7) Empty or release your mind

8) The lazy will not have good fortune

9) Lifelong journey and training

10) Use karate principles in everything

11) Karate like hot water, needs heat otherwise it cools

12) Do not think that you must win, but alternatively that you dont have to lose

13) Victory can come from knowing how to differentiate vulnerable points from invulnerable ones.

14) Move according to your opponent

15) Respect your opponents hands and legs as being like sharp swords

16) Be alert to opponents in all areas

17) Ready positioning for beginners and natural position for advanced

18) Kata and real fighting are different entities

19) Strength and weakness of power, expansion and contraction of body, speed and slowness of technique

20) Devise at all times


  1. I have never studied any form of martial art. So I am quite unable to give an opinion on this post. However, that has never stopped me before, so why let it stop me now?
    I think that one important aspect of being able to project strength outwardly is to be able to be strong inwardly. This strength may come from many sources, but I think that it must develop over time, and can't be rushed.
    Just my 2 cents, and I have been known to be wrong probably as often as I have been right, kind of like a broken clock, but I know if I feel at peace within, then the people around me somehow seem more peaceful.
    Merry Christmas, to your family and you, and be at peace.

  2. 21. When going to a gunfight, bring a gun.

    1. 21a. And bring all of your friends with guns.

  3. Martial arts have their place but I will stick with being a dirty white boy.


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