Saturday, January 16, 2016

Canine Home Improvement

I got home from work Friday - I saw that the Partner in Grime was back from his week long road trip and the Dog Walker had been by at lunch as she leaves a note.  But Abby Normal the black Lab didn't come to the door to greet me which was unusual.

As I walked in the dining room, I spot this piece of wood on the floor  ???

It looks like the new trim from the kitchen, put up after the new tile went in and before the new cabinets go in and walls are prepped and painted. 
Yup. But How?  And Why? Abby's NOT a chewer nor does she play with sticks or other hard toys, just her stuffed squeaky toys.
There - in the crack between the cabinet that's coming out and wall was a stray treat. Partner in Grime can snag it and throw it away when he's done out in the shop.

She must have tried to fetch it with her paw, catching the edge of the newly installed trim and it popped right off, breaking as it did so.

No - some other dog did that.

But seriously Mom, you've been way stingy with the treats.
I worshiped at the portable Treat Alter, and there were NONE there like usual.  Just some protein powder made out of ground up yard gnomes and honey.
Someone put them up high where I can't grab the whole bag.

I was FORCED to scrounge for a stale, dust bunny-infused treat.

OK Abby You're forgiven, Dad can make a new piece of trim later, we're going to the store now.
Honey - while we're gone - let's put the chain saw up as well, OK?


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how single-minded our dog can get when a piece of dropped food is involved.....

  2. She probably saved ya'll an eventual call to an exterminator when some ants or other multi-legged invaders might have discovered the runaway treat and moved in to the new digs thinking they'd found the promised land, hehehe...

  3. Ha! That Abby is one smart dog! The question is, who is the head of this household???


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