Sunday, January 17, 2016

For Old NFO - Coming Home to Roost, a Recipe

As my regulars know, I met Old NFO years ago when he was in the Navy and I hauled him someplace in a Sherpa.  It was a slow ugly airplane, but it was the first one I was commander on, and I have a lot of fond memories in it. 

Jim and I lost touch after I went on to fly faster aircraft in a new state.  Then, after I hung up my wings, we ran into each other via SquirrelVision and have shared many a phone call and visit over the years. He is the only blogger who ever dared my 72 layer cream cheese biscuit recipe, but he wasn't home much and usually subsisted on "bachelor chow". During one period he picked up a whole case of chicken pot pies at Costco. Every time I talked to him, after he returned stateside, often after I'd posted a picture for friends of a new recipe, I'd say "what you are you having" and I heard over the phone"another *#%@*!# chicken pot pie". It seemed like a year or two went past. . . still, every conversation. "another @#$%^&@ chicken pot pie".

Needless to say, there have been some chicken pot pie related practical jokes over the years.

Wasn't this what you wanted for your birthday Jim?

Now that he's settled in his beautiful new home in Texas, on retirement, Jim has time to make an actual edible pot pie.  I'd posted this recipe a few years back, then just sort of forgot about it. 
It's a savory and hearty meal whether you're at home, or coming in from field or farm.

Chicken Pot Pie 

I made a busy day version, using pre-made garlic and sage infused homemade Cream of Cluck Soup (yes, you can use canned) and cooked leftover chicken breast. 
 Today - with the high being around six, it seemed like a good mid-day comfort food meal.
Especially topped some shredded cheddar and a layer of biscuits that are covered with an easy to whip up sauce of egg, sour cream and celery seed to give them a nice brown top and yummy flavor. You can use canned biscuits - with the tasty topping you won't notice they aren't homemade.
Even better, you won't hear any comments, expletive laden or otherwise. Everyone will be too busy cleaning their plate.

Happy retirement my dear friend.


  1. Bravo on the recipe, does anyone really retire?? I have just changed carriers from jack of all trades on the ramp, to Dad's Taxi service, grandpa, and back into USAF Aux-CAP.

    1. I'm hoping Old NFO will write some more books in his Grey Man series, but I understand the retirement thing. I have about 7 years left, but will probably be just as busy, just not driving into a big building most days.

  2. I have all the ingredients except biscuits and sour cream. It looks delicious. I have chicken cooked and am going to cook three more packages of chicken tenders gotten for $1.69. I am drooling over this dish.

    1. Linda - look for those little four packs of economy biscuits They are just the right size and sometimes I can find them for a buck. Hope you enjoy it.!

  3. Thanks for taking care of another old NFO!

  4. Note to self - buy and wear BIBS before reading Brigid...
    (keyboard shorts out...)


  5. Sounds tasty! And yes, we're all hoping for more books.

  6. Thank you, thank you... Yes we do have some fond memories! :-) And 'unnamed' wags put TWO chicken pot pies in my freezer here... sigh I might actually be tempted to try this recipe, but I'll have to have friends over! That is a bunch of food!


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