Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year - New Windows (10)

I spent New Years Eve Uploading Windows 10.  I got a new laptop about a year ago, for personal use and blogging on the road which had Windows 8. To say I hated Windows 8 was an understatement.  Using it as I did to capture and sort photos for the blog was about as user friendly as the U.S. Tax Code.

The intent I guess, was to meld together the desktop and mobile platforms to try for a single operating system that would work on the desktop, notebooks and tablets.  What I got was a system that just screamed for flaming torches and pitchforks.  The tutorial was no help at all, simply telling me to move my mouse to any corner. . and then. . WHAT? What is it supposed to do. to be? And all I could think of was.

It just leaves off right there and apparently I was supposed to just cognitively know that although most scroll wheels go up and down, Windows 8 wants you to scroll sideways.

Look - I'm not high tech out side of professionally  related things.  I have a Victrola in the living room and the first Windows wallpaper was tweaked to add a historical battle
So I had the first problems with it I contempted to take it to the Microsoft Store.  However, I figured once I got there. I would find a nice shiny glass building, with all sort s of MicroNerds inside, waving and welcome me to come in. But there would be no door.  Somehow I was supposed to know that I was to select one corner of the store, hover at least 2 inches up for 2 seconds and then a glass panel would magically open.  Being redhead and a little less than patient with such things, decided to forgo the trip.

So I muddled through, scrolling though screen after screen of run on photos, only to find the one I wanted to add to the blog, only to have something go "zap" like Samantha of Bewitched was in the room and the next thing you knew my picture was missing and there was a pony in the room.

Then there were the error codes:

Windows 8 Error:  Multitasking attempted.  System is confused.

Windows 8 Error:  Unexplained error.  Please explain what you did wrong.

Windows 8 Error:  This will end your Windows Session. You are now locked out.

Windows 8 Error:  Erroneous Error.  Just seeing if you are paying attention.

Windows 8 Error:  System Pricing Error. Inadequate money spent on hardware.

Windows 8 Error:   Wrong Information Specified. Where did you learn to type?

Windows 8 Error: Invalid property assignment. Promotional literature overflow.  Deleted stored documents to maintain recycle bin contents.

Windows 8 Error:  Invalid Entry. Try that again and see what happens.

Windows 8 Error:  Mouse Not Found - A mouse driver has not been installed. Please left click your mouse to continue.

So fortunately, Microsoft realized they (quote)  Put a cognitive burden on the user (unquote) and gave us a new one. That's like saying your first marriage from hell was a "cognitive burden".  You are NOT just going to kiss and make up from that, you are going to view any  future relationship with a Microsoft system as something that wants to take every dollar from your wallet as it steals your soul, before it dumps you, taking most of the stuff you've kept as important.

But Miocrosoft 10 is now installed - it took a little while, so long that there were actually teaser screens telling me how much I'd like it, so I wouldn't run screaming, followed by a screen that tells me not to turn off my computer (because I'm having SO much fun staring at the blue screen when I'd rather be swilling beer and dropping launching a glitter bomb at one of the New Years guests.) But overall, it was very easy to do and I wish I'd upgraded weeks ago.

So, it's working, and for now, at least until the next click of a mouse,  my pictures are easy to find and sort, nothing went missing and all is well in the world.

IMPORTANT: This blog post is intended for the use of the individual blog followers  named herein and may contain information that is of a sensitive top secret nature, or classified, or not in any way to be read by persons with no sense of humor, low pain thresholds or religious beliefs that involve aliens or large numbers of virgins (void in New Jersey). We take no responsibility for non-receipt of this blog post because you are still running Windows NT as everyone knows how well that worked out. If you read this blog post in error, even if it is your feed, forwarding or reposting is not authorized, (either explicitly or implicitly) and constitutes a possible breach of Al Gore Internet law or a disabling social blunder. Any sentences involving the name "Justin Bieber" were inserted in error and are to be ignored. No animals were harmed in the writing of this blog post although the neighbor that runs his leafblower at 7 am on Saturdays is on borrowed time. Be advised that there are no hidden codes or messages contained herein, however that contrail of Acme Airways Flight 102 that goes over your house at 2 PM each day is giving your neighbor the directions to the Mother Ship. Reading this blog post backwards will only give you a headache but if you listen to Abby Road backwards you will hear "Paul is Dead". So just ignore that warning box from SpySweeper. If if makes you feel better, pour a circle of salt around your chair, wave your hand over your computer and solemnly mutter "OMNI OMNI VOR" (Latin is allowed) and with that blessing, you should be safe from Malware.


  1. Dave Barry's Year in Review:
    "Elsewhere on the tech front, Microsoft releases Windows 10, which, in a widely hailed breakthrough, turns Windows 8 back into Windows 7."

    I never had 8. Tried 10 from 7 (out of curiosity) on our "office" computer.
    Now I'm going to install a hack that makes the Start menu look like 7, not 8.
    Heck, I'm still running Vista in the garage (no free upgrade path for Vista).

  2. Boy! It's a good thing I move from New Jersey.

    Rich in NC

  3. I got a new laptop this past summer that runs Win8. The first thing I did was install Classic Shell, so it would look like Win7 and I could find things. After getting several nagging popups about Win10, I installed GWX Control panel which let me shut off Microsofts reminders and also alerts me if Microsoft manages to turn them back on.

    Anyone interested can find out more about it at:

    I realize this is too late for our hostess and for Ed, but it might be helpful for others.

    1. Classic Shell is what I was referring to.
      10 does have some improvement over 7 in some regards, but not the start menu.

  4. After fighting the "Get Widows 10!!" nags on several PC's but manually removing the Micro$oft "updates", I went with GWX Control Panel.

    It worked so well, I even kicked $25 to the guy via his PayPal button.

    No Windoze for me beyond Win7. After it stops being supported, I'll just pull the network cable out of the machines I have running it.

    Now if I could just convince my wife to give Linux a serious try, all would be happy in the garden.....

  5. All I can say is Get A Mac. I've never had problems like this. iCloud works seamlessly between phone, iPad and computer. I just downloaded El Capitan on a year old computer. No problems. You can run your Windows programs on it too. It is so easy to use...

  6. Good luck with 10.
    I'm still on 7. I like it.
    Happy New Year!


    1. Unfortunately, the new laptop came pre-infected, I mean loaded, with 8.

    2. Unfortunately, the new laptop came pre-infected, I mean loaded, with 8.

  7. Any truth to the rumor that the latest Win10 service patch "nukes" MS Office?

    1. I don't have office on the laptop so don't know. I have office on my main computer which has Windows 7.

    2. It did not on mine.
      Our IT dept is testing 10 for their purposes and no problem.
      I don't see 10 as a problem. It is a fix for 8, but I wouldn't leave 7 unless I had to.

  8. I've been prompted no less than a gazillion times to update to Windows 10. Needless to say I've been afraid to because, Heaven forbid I make it worse. I may have to rethink this decision.

    1. Other than being a bit slow (the whole install thing took a couple of hours), it was seamless. Nothing could be worse than Windows 8.

    2. Yer doing it wrong. It's called "Windows Hate". I put 8 on a laptop that I subsequently inadvertently destroyed. I'm going to look into that gwx shell thing, as I'm tired of the Windows 10 upgrade mesages. I've already disabled automatic updates so they don't, as I've read, upgrade to 10 as has been reported. I'll wait until the dust settles with Win 10.

  9. Our niece got impatient with her Win 10 upgrade and restarted her computer manually several times right in the middle of it. Had to wipe the hard drive and do a new install. Fortunately I have a friend who is a MS Certified whatever and has the code to make the new installation work.

    The wife upgraded her 4 year old Win 7 Dell a couple of weeks later and just let it run all night. Worked fine and she absolutely loves it. We did mine last night. I gave up watching it after seven hours. It finished up what it was doing sometime during the night and seems to be fine today. Now we are doing my tablet. Tomorrow this computer will go under the knife. I figure since I got a Glock last year, I may as well keep on sliding down the slippery slope toward being all modern and up to date.

  10. You can't ask Secret Squirrel Q Division for help? :)

    Grownups are once again in charge at Microsoft with the last change in CEO. If your machine is now running Windows 10 without a problem, chances are it will continue to do so.

    We have five generations of Apple laptops at our house, but I won't buy another one now that the company has shifted to new disposable hardware designs sealed shut with glue (!) even at the the high end.

    My current everyday use machine? A circa-2008 Mac Book Pro running Windows 7 Professional. It just works, but I am my own Q Division.

  11. Oh, I almost forgot -- I use Google Picasa to wrangle pictures on Windows machines. Highly recommended if you don't mind the privacy tradeoffs involved, but, since you are already using Blogger, I'm guessing that the terms are within your prersonal limits.

  12. If you find yourself in dire digital distress regardinding Windows 10 you might consider directing the Bat Signal in the direction of Borepatch.
    Although, he may be still engaged in his hunt for White Oreo.
    His post about that had a Captain Ahab feel to it.


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